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— Guido van Rossum

The development of modern computing languages has seen many new general purposes and high-level programming languages surfacing, but none comes close to Python.

A universal language for developers and data scientists, Python, is widely used for web applications, desktop GUI applications, data analysis, data visualization and many more.

The success of Python can be credited to its…

Top JavaScript IDEs and Code Editors with noteworthy features

Best JavaScript IDE & Source Code Editors for Web Developers
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- Douglas Crockford

While every language has its advantages, no other language comes close to JavaScript when it comes to front-end development. For long, known as the ‘language of the browser,’ the release of Node.JS changed the way we looked at JavaScript.

Node.js made it possible for JavaScript to run outside the web browsers, and it also brought the paradigm of ‘’JavaScript Everywhere’’.

Node.js, on top of making JavaScript run outside the browsers, unified all the web applications’…

Which book would you recommend someone to read?

Programming books
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— Douglas Crockford

If you’ve already dealt with HTML and CSS basics and now wish to learn a programming language, then go for JavaScript.

JavaScript is one of the popularly used programming languages, and it is also a renowned scripting language.

I accept that it is a little difficult to grasp, but don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Go slow, focus on the fundamentals, and eliminate the thought that you will understand each and everything in one go.


Find the best SQL editor that fits your use case

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In modern computing environments, diversified database platforms are the norm. Over the years, the demands of effectively using enterprise data resources have made it practically impossible for companies to standardize on a single database management solution. When data arrives in multiple formats, it simply cannot be handled efficiently by the same platform.

Multi-platform environments have always been a great challenge to everyone responsible for developing and maintaining corporate databases, and this includes DBAs and developers. Team members need to be flexible and ready to move between platforms at a moment’s notice.

This may involve using different tools which can reduce…

Take a note of these entrepreneurship trends; they’ll definitely help you stay afloat in these uncertain times.

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Entrepreneurs have insights far different from everyone else’s. They are ‘futurists,’ always searching for countless possibilities in the future, calculating risks at each step, forecasting things.

The way 2020 was majorly affected by the COVID Pandemic, its repercussions are being observed in 2021. The factors that have changed the business landscape are:-

  • The advent of new technologies
  • Increasing customer demands
  • Societal shifts
  • The COVID-19 pandemic

Somehow, organizations have managed to stay afloat in this situation of crisis. It is very well seen that this has also altered the trajectory of how businesses and entrepreneurs will operate in 2021.

We will…

Which book would you recommend someone to read?

A female is going to start their journey with Python
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— Guido van Rossum

Python’s popularity and all-around nature make it the perfect programming language for a diverse range of projects. Moreover, this popularity and wide adoption by the corporations has led to a sharp demand in the industry for skilled Python developers.

Today, there are literally tons of resources, such as books, YouTube channels, podcasts, GitHub repos, online courses, and…

…and strategies to help you overcome them

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People are often fascinated by the term freelance content writer.

Why, you think? Well, there are actually a number of reasons that tell us why. They get the freedom to decide when to start and stop working, place of work, how many breaks to take, and so much more.

But there’s a catch.

Freelancing can be a double-edged sword, i.e., it comes with a certain set of problems that have plagued freelance content writers, especially the…

“Putting in that time to get better at what you do should be your first objective.” – Jeremy Noronha, Head of SEO at Founder, Six Figure Freelancer Audio Course

Tips that Helped Me to Grow My Freelance Business
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If you’ve landed on this blog, then it’s obvious that either you are a newbie in freelancing, or you are someone who has already stepped into this field but are scouring the web for effective strategies to grow your freelancing business. Whichever stage you’re in, I can confidently say that you are in the right place.

The number of people showing an inclination towards freelancing is on the surge as they are fascinated by the fact that they get to be their boss and can work with flexible hours.

It might seem daunting to pitch new clients, grow your connections…

Team is making UX and Marketing strategies for their product.
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Marketing is done to drive in users, and UX encourages those visitors to keep coming back to your website.

UX and Marketing are both two sides of the same coin. For a long period of time, there has been a conflict between these two. People have always compared these two, and on certain criteria, one outweighed the other, but people forgot that these two coexist and are influenced by one another.

UX design and Marketing working together is essential for any product to flourish. …

Computer Vision

SEER: The start of a more powerful, flexible, and accessible era for computer vision

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Over the recent years, Facebook has been hard at innovating and implementing various emerging technologies like AI, ML, and DL for its services, and they have already made significant progress with a range of projects, such as deep fake detection, predicting Covid-19 forecasting using AI, natural language processing, computer vision, and many more like them.

One such domain in which they’ve recently innovated is Artificial Intelligence. Facebook’s AI research division recently announced that they had achieved a breakthrough in self-supervised learning models capable of learning from a random group of unlabeled images.

Curious to know more?

Please read below for…

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