GSoC Week 6: Timer Design Changes

Harish Anand
Jul 11, 2016 · 2 min read

This week’s work was on changing the display of error messages in the create timer modal. This work involved creation of new error messages and its classes in the timer-dialog.

Changes from the default error dialog (patterns.js)

The old timer dialog

Problems with old create-timer’s error messages : When we click bootstrap datepicker to select calendar date, it forced all the errors in the modal to be hidden. There was also the problem where the datepicker-dropdown location was wrong when a scroll bar occurs (large number of repeat options).

So just like in host.js system-time setting dialog , the new create-timer dialog has error messages that also lets bootstrap datepicker to work correctly.

Here is the new changes :

The other new changes include :

  1. Displays both (0–59)minute and (0–23) hour error message inside all the repeat options.
  2. After closing the dialog, the timer doesn’t possess any previous input values.
  3. Bootstrap Dropdown is placed correctly when a scroll bar occurs. (a large number of repeat options are created.)

The work left to complete :

  1. Further design changes if any.
  2. Use of bootstrap-combobox to select/write existing services.
  3. Test cases for timers