GSoC week 7-8 : Different dates issue during testing

Harish Anand
Aug 1, 2016 · 2 min read

What test does?

Possible approaches to fixing this:

Using moment instead of Date = function() { return * 2; };
moment().toISOString() // "2061-10-13T22:06:22.934Z"

Comparison of test results with systemctl list-timers

m.execute("LC_ALL=C timedatectl set-timezone UTC")m.execute(“timedatectl set-time ‘2020–04–10 04:10:00’”)# checks if timer runs on this hour at 26 minself.assertIn(“Fri 2020–04–10 04:26”, m.execute(“LC_ALL=C systemctl list-timers”))
Next run time display in timers page
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