Happiness Is an Attitude… Or Is It?
Charles Chu

Good article on seemingly the most important matter of human lives.. Hv’nt read the entire article.. am in a bit of hurry.. To answer the question, if happiness is an attitude or not.. DOn’t we have to answer first — what is happiness and why we want it (in your question, there is an inherent assumption that we want happiness.. dont we need to enquire Why?)… and the most important question there ever can be — who is that who wants happiness or many variants of it? who is the gainer? what is that entity who is after happiness? Let happiness be where it is or not be.. I am not concerned.. I first need to figure out who is this “I” who is looking for happiness.. My entire activities, from birth to death, 24*7, are centered around or have a singular aim in sight — make me happy.. I therefore really need to figure out what these two things really are — happiness? what it really is? why i want it? and who am I who wants to be happy.. Solve this riddle.. and you will have solved every riddle you ever faced or will ever face.. You, yourself will become the embodiment of happiness.. Not an easy task.. even not many genuine teachers to guide on this profoundly significant task… but there are.. Only requirement of us is — our burning desire to know.. everybody experiences the world how one perceives it? is the perception itself real or just that, a perception, having no connect at all to reality.. In your article, You mention the little girl.. Initially, you thought she is mocking you.. but soon realized.. that can’t be.. Initially you perceived an affront.. but when crosschecked with “intellect” you realized this can’t be true.. …see something here.. ponder it.. Will keep reading and conferring with you.. Goodbye brother..

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