The ‘intelligent’ human.

He seeks for love with hatred in his heart,
For peace of mind with violence in his blood.
He seeks to be great, to be wise, to be smart,
Yet with ignorance kills these dreams in their bud.
He cries low and high over the scarcity of compassion, 
Yet chooses his comfort over a needy soul’s wail.
He wishes for a change, of a huge, grand fashion,
Yet he dwells in his lethargy, leaving them be a fairy tale.
He craves for happiness, pure and unending,
Yet refuses to be disturbed in his slumber, unbending. 
He struggles with vigour, not knowing where he’s wrong,
The obstacle not budging one bit, seeming too strong.
But how can you find a key in your pocket elsewhere?
And how can you fight yourself?
How do you fight against fire with fire,
And not become the fire you despise?
The dominant one in my planet, the intelligent me,
Claims the audacious human in his folly,
Can’t even shun the ‘I’ for ‘we’,
The egotistical idiot, his species wholly.

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