Mobile superchargers for Tesla vehicles

One of my passions is ‘sustainable transport’ and no wonder I am a great fan of Elon Musk who has been trying to usher in “electric vehicles” into our lives.

Tesla Superchargers Come to Europe from Tesla Motors on Vimeo.

Although Tesla is trying to answer this through battery swapping and deploying “super charger” stations from coast to coast ( but the “fear” of range anxiety still persists for an owner of an electric vehicle especially when he is behind the wheel.This anxiety exists for a gas based vehicle as well but to a considerably lesser extent because of the ubiquitous existence of gas stations. In this blog I am trying to propose a third solution to the Tesla Team or for that matter to any other team out there trying to build and support the electric vehicle ecosystem.

Devices based on electricity need to be charged and gas based devices need to be refilled. But the crucial difference is the amount of time it takes to do both and the special hardware needed for this. To charge an electric vehicle fast from the nearest duct is almost impossible since as the source is not equipped to do this. My proposal is to make these supercharging sources available through a mobile charging stations.

Historically, this method has been used by many businesses to deal with the distance — distribution problem. The original retail model used to have businesses approach consumers using mobile carts to increase sales by improving availability at the ‘location’ of the consumer. A mobile charger helps create a similar perception by bringing the “charger to the consumer”. It reinforces the mental impression of charging “any time and any where” which is key for removing any anxiety with respect to charging.

Other advantages include, a huge saving in infrastructure costs and mobile charging stations can also be used for providing additional services. It also acts as a great advertisement to Tesla or other electric vehicles.

Imagine sitting behind the wheel and realizing that you will be out of charge and you switch on a beacon which connects you to the nearest ‘mobile charging’ station and both can meet enroute at a common point without your car needing to take a deviation. interesting?..

Well, I have considered the positive side of this idea. I am sure there are quite a few negatives like the “manpower” needed but the idea does deserve a conversation and debate. I just tweeted this to Elon, hope to see some reply from him.

@elonmusk Did you consider positioning ‘mobile’ superchargers?. This might be a cheap solution for dealing with range anxiety.
— Harish Krishnan (@twiteriyer) January 28, 2014

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