A complete shutdown. That’s what they are calling it. I have stayed here my whole life. Not many times have I seen my city come to a standstill and choose violence over peace. So instead of a day involving some amount of coding, I was home thinking about which movie to watch.


A story of great investigative journalism is what people make of it. But deep down it was their desire to make a difference to their readers which made them push hard on a story that almost everyone seemed to overlook. Isn’t that what media is all about? Media is supposed to be our conscience. The fourth pillar of a democracy. Taking a leaf out of the movie, “When we’re all stumbling in the dark, media is the one that turns the light on.”

Then why is it that the tables have turned. Why is it that media only tells us what we want to hear, or rather, what they think we want to hear? What I have witnessed over the past two days in Bangalore, and what has been quite evident in recent times, is the fact that some amongst us relish conflicts and chaos. While they actively participate in creating anarchy, some of us like to stand on the fence on watch the show. In all, there are very few who are actually concerned about the real issue. How many of us have actually tried to think up a solution for the impending water crisis next summer? Because I’m sorry, your twitter jokes are not going to quench my thirst next April. They are not going to help farmers meet our demands. It’s our collective failure that has led to this madness and we have allowed the fringe to take over this city. And its at times like these, our media is supposed to jog our conscious on what is wrong. But that seems like a far fetched dream to me now. Every local news channel has gone one step ahead of our “the-nation-wants-to-know” anchor in sensationalising, fear mongering and spreading rumours when we actually need to be calm to be able to work out a solution to this grave problem. So much so that the only reliable source of information was the official twitter handle of Bangalore City Police. And I wont even get started on the news channels up north and the (in)famous one in Mumbai.

If you’re one of those who have been fed a lot of this bullshit, a good place to start clearing your head would be to go through these series of tweets by Sanjay Hegde explaining the real issue. Let’s be clear, the situation is grave. We all have to save up water more than ever now. The population in this city has been rising and so have the number of irrigated lands in TN. Fair or not, we have to abide by the SC judgement. Meanwhile, can we all for once think about alternative solutions that are constructive and will help us all. And the least we can do is stop giving into this sensationalism and be objective in what we share and read/watch/listen/say.

So much trouble over “sharing” of water. Imagine what will happen when we’re actually going to run out of it.