Unable to add money to wallet with your Credit Card? Know why

I did it once out of curiosity and then used it few times with the total amount not more than 12000/- that to pay premiums where they charge for credit card transactions. although not all utilities charge for paying through credit card so I was not aware about behind the screen who has to pay what amount for credit card transactions and one day suddenly when I was trying to pay HPCL for petrol fill up using paytm my transactions kept failing. the reason I had to find out was that Paytm blocked my credit card without even informing me. I searched on internet, found this blog and learned that suddenly you consider credit card transactions “illegal” and blame us for using paytm If you incur cost for credit card transactions then either it should not have been allowed in the first place or you should inform the users about your problem. You are in a money business and if you think that people will not use the provided “genuine” method of transaction which you knowingly or unknowingly allowed then I could not find any bigger fool than you.

Secondly, one of the purpose of E-wallet (which you claim it to be) is to send money to others. In that case one can also send their received money to their respective bank account without informing the sender. Then who’s fault is this? I can only think it is your fault. I see a basic loophole in your system of transaction for which you are blaming us. With my surprise you have yet kept it open to make the transactions in fear of losing us “the customers” and you call it our fault and block our cards without bothering to inform us. Thanks a lot!!!

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