Summer begins…

Finally the much awaited summer vacations are here. Finally HOME,FOOD, OLD FRIENDS, BAHUBALI 2, and new things to learn. So as planned the first week was dedicated to FOOD, FRIENDS and BAHUBALI(thrice). Meanwhile did a little bit of contribution in the website of KHARAGPUR OPEN SOURCE SOCIETY (KOSS), the society of whom I am a part in Kharagpur. The contribution during this time mainly included pointing out issues in the ongoing work of the website and fixing some small issues. The main motive was to become somewhat more familiar with Ubuntu and Git. After the first week I felt more comfortable in raising issues or sending PRs.

While I was in KGP, I had made myself familiar with JAVA and Android Studio. I wanted to learn more about App Development but during the regular days could not move ahead on the topics. Often the nights were spent writing practicals or studying for next day class tests. So I left them for summers. Now in the second week of the vacation I was ready to begin from where I had left . I picked up the Udacity Android Development Beginner Course and in the two completed three more courses. During the course to check our learning we were given assignments. So after two weeks of Android, I was ready with my first two apps .

  1. Coffee-Time: An app which took the number of cups of coffee order and whether extra chocolate or whipped cream has been ordered or not and then sent the complete bill of the person to his mail.


2. Language-translator:- An app which helped to translate few basic words of family, numbers, colors, phrases of English into Miwok (as per assignment, probably some old language spoken around North California).



Also during this second week I was actively involved in the main website of KOSS. I took major interest in the design part of the website and discussed the look of pages with my teammates. I sent PRs and raised issues regarding the theme of the website. The team i was assigned was responsible for the events page and contact page. The backend part of the contact page was took up by Arindam and Dibya and I contributed to the front end of these two pages.

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