Not everything was fine in this world I had created,

Procrastinating, feeling helpless; feeling desolated.

What was hope? Something that helps you fight?

Nope. All this was everything but a pretty sight.

I ran away and waited at the bottom of the ocean,

I did not know how to fathom my thoughts, my emotion.

What do I tell people? What will they think of me?

How long before they forget everything I used to be?

Do I go to the surface for a bit, a grasp of breath?

But will I see those familiar faces, those faces that fret?

I’ve stayed down here long enough, far away from everything.

So it’s about time I ask myself, Have I accomplished anything?

We all need some air to grow,

We all have an ocean to let go.

Drown not in that ocean you go to, no more.

Drown in the people that wait for you on the shore.

“You don’t have to sink to the bottom of the ocean and watch the world as you fall. You don’t have to isolate yourself because you’re hurt. People who love you will always be waiting near the shore and every once in a while it’s okay to come to the surface to breathe. We all need air to grow. We all need an ocean to let go, but it’s always people who will save you. Always remember that.”


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