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If it were possible to go away

If it were possible to ride a horse

And go away forever.

Or to call upon an old boat…

So it will take us away from this town

Friend would leave friends;

Mother her children

The houses would crumble with the tears of those left behind

The mountains would be lush with the songs those leaving.

I don’t know with whom I should wait for the morning

With those who…

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Disciples asked Buddha: what is the secret of a long, happy marriage?

Buddha, the enlightened one, responded:

“It is quite simple.The husband must take the following to heart. Not just lip sync, or pretend, or fake it, but actually BELIEVE this, just as people take Christ in their hearts:


If the weather sucks, it is his fault. If the wrong candidate gets elected, he is to blame. If the football team loses, he did it.

Remember it is more important to be happy than to be right.”

Then Buddha gave an example:

“Suppose you two…

A Friends, Romans, Countrymen Moment

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Sanjay and I had attended IIT Kharagpur in the sixties. We were close friends. We met again after a very long break. He had become the head of a big corporation in Calcutta. After graduation, I had migrated to the USA to transition from technology to explore a career in film and art. Both of us were married, settled and were doing reasonably well.

Over lunch at the Taj in Kolkata, during our reunion decades later, we gave each other an update of our journeys. He had had a meteoric rise at his company. …

How to send a message directly to God

The secret story of the Israel-Egypt peace treaty

My wife loves to travel. It is her main passion in life along with books. She is excellent at making arrangements; airlines, hotels, transfers, places to visit, everything.

Luckily, I am allowed to volunteer to carry her bags so I get to see much of the world.

So, in the 70s, we decided to go to Israel. It was on our very long bucket list. So much history. We have read all those books and seen the films: Exodus and others. …

Music director Khayyam

Listen to the Music of Khayyam: https://www.buzzsprout.com/284204/6095065

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It is ironic and a reflection of India’s diverse culture (at least in the past) that some of the best Hindu bhajans were composed and sung by two Muslims: Khayyam and Rafi.

There is an interesting story as to how Rafi recorded his popular non-film songs with Khayyam. In the early 60’s, Mohammed Rafi would invite Khayyam every month to his residence for lunch. These visits went on for months to the extent that Khayyam started feeling awkward. Khayyam mentioned this to Rafi’s elder brother Hameed. …

Paintings by Harish Saluja


Saluja’s Miniature Painting are small (5x3 inches) abstract, explosions of colors. The paintings are inspired by traditional miniature art from India, dating back to the 17th century, which were small in size, but often quite colorful. The highlights of the paintings are their intricate and delicate brushwork, lending each painting a unique identity. Saluja has given this concept a modern, abstract interpretation. Infused with abstract complexities, the intricate patterns and bold colors energize the works and engage the viewer. …

Harish Saluja’s film The Journey, A Small Gem

Reviewed by John Baker for The Arts Review

Writer/Director Harish Saluja founded New Ray Films, as homage to the great Indian film director Satyajit Ray. I think Satyajit Ray would be pleased by Mr. Saluja’s first effort, The Journey.

Mr. Saluja, lives in Pittsburgh where he is well known in the Indian community because of his hosting of an Indian music radio program, on WDUQ, an NPR affiliate. He is also a talented artist whose paintings have been exhibited in the U.S.A. and in Europe. …

The Journey by Harish Saluja

If you believe that Indian filmmakers can make a serious film without relying on old stereotypes and sexually deviant characters for humor, then “The Journey” will please you with realism.

There are no traditional fathers-in-law making a ploy for their son’s brides, no hideously weak men struggling for control over their strong but subversive spouses, and definitely no masturbating servants, lesbians clad in tricolour, or baudy reenactments of the Mahabharata. …

Harish Saluja’s Silk Sound Orchestra

‘Sun Gate’ jazzes up Eastern sound. Music always has been a blend of styles and types. Whether it is classical music borrowing from folk dance, jazz generating from blues or bluegrass growing from a Celtic past, genres depend on one another. “Sun Gate” is another attempt at the mix, this one by Silk Sound, a new band put together by Silk Screen, the Pittsburgh Asian arts group. The album is a mix of Indian music and jazz offered in the way the band AppalAsia blends American folk music and Eastern sounds. Two of the members…

The Journey, Film Review

(from an article by Harvey Karten)

Film Director: Harish Saluja [https://harishsaluja.com]

Cast: Roshan Seth, Saeed Jaffrey, Antony Zaki, Carrie Preston, Nora Bates, Betsy Zaijko, Michael Emerson

The telephone, TV, and computers may have made the world seem like a small place, but cultural conflicts are still a source of endless amusement. In one of the funniest such scenes, in Nicholas Meyer’s 1979 feature “Time After Time,” H.G. Wells follows Jack the Ripper in a time machine to the United States, watches someone hail a taxi by hopping on one foot and waving frantically, and promptly mimics…

Harish Saluja

Harish Saluja is a filmmaker, painter, entertainer, entrepreneur, engineer, publisher, writer, music producer and radio host.

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