Why do we exist?

From time immemorial, man has been pondering upon various questions that continue to elude him till date.Being a curious human myself, I have always wondered about these unanswerable questions. The purpose of human existence or the purpose of life itself has been one that has bewildered me greatly.

Through Science, I learnt about the evolution of species. I came across the fact that all life forms have descended over time from a common ancestor. I learnt that everything that goes on in my head, all my thoughts, memories, emotions, everything could ultimately be boiled down to a set of chemical reactions.

With this new found knowledge, I continued wondering about this question for a while and finally, settled on an answer. To most including myself this answer might seem dark or depressing but to me it is also pretty logical.

Now, before we even ask ourselves any of these unanswerable questions, let us ask a very basic question, “Were we even supposed to ask these questions?”.Ironically I could ask the same question about the question itself and this would go on infinitely question upon question.So, I shall stop myself at the basic level and try to find a satisfactory answer.

Evolution is, in fact, a game of chance. If the creation and the development of the universe were to be re-run, there is a chance that humans wouldn’t even come into existence. Development of intelligent life was a result of a few “lucky” accidents of nature. These accidents created just the right circumstances for the evolution of human life.

Considering this I have come to the conclusion that the answer to the above question is “No”, We weren't meant to ask these questions.We only ask these questions due to some freak of nature.In the absence of intelligent life, there would be no one to ask these questions.With this I can answer the question “Why do we exist?”, We exist because we exist i.e. we came into existence and that is the only reason we exist. Our existence doesn’t serve any purpose as a whole, we only serve the materialistic purposes that we take upon ourselves.

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