Sometime in January of this year I clicked on my Instagram app and saw this great picture posted by an old friend of mine from his Iceland trip. Not only was the picture great, he also had a long description of the specific location of the picture. This piqued my interest so then I looked at all of his Iceland photographs.

By then it was February.

Here was a friend I had not been in touch with for many years. Thinking this would be a good time to message him I ‘Whatsapped’ a ‘Hey how are you doing?’ sort of thing.

As I was already on Whatsapp I checked out what was going on with the many hundred groups that I was a part of. A few school groups, some college groups, previous employers’ alumni groups, current employer’s groups, family groups, friends groups, breakfast club groups, Thursday evening running groups, yoga groups, waste of time groups and so on. I did a quick scan of them all to see what was going on in these peoples’ lives and if there was any thing fun, interesting or useful. Some were and so I responded to them with a ‘thumbs up’ emoji.

Thus arrived March.

One of the pieces in a Whatsapp group was a humour piece about working in office. I read that, and decided it would be good to share it with a wider network. This means facebook. So on to facebook I went. This was akin to standing in a tropical rainstorm. There were pictures of friends’ salads, their childrens’ first poop, their travel plans, names of all the business and first class lounges in the world, a particularly manic friend’s exercise routine and so on. There were some 300 notifications to other posts by me. I went through all of them to check if any of them needed a response. Of course none did.

April and May went in this manner

Because facebook reminds you of everyone’s birthdays and anniversaries there is no excuse to not wish them. So I did just that.

This took me most of June.

Then it was time to look at all the VIP posts. Posts from people that you had to respond to. Either to get invited to their parties, written into a will or get a raise. Dutifully I spent time on these posts and responded with many ❤ signs.

Thus went July.

I think it is now time to turn my attention to some of these work emails.

But wait my Iceland friend just responded to my WhatsApp. Let me see what he says.


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