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According to a tweet from Kim Kardashian. Yes Kim Kardashian the number of Americans killed annually by being shot by their own citizens is 11,737 compared to 9 being killed by Islamic terrorists. If a reality television star like her can understand that normal American citizens are the real terrorists, why doesn’t Donald Trump the president of the most powerful nation in the world have a clue about the real statistics?

This is after the President imposed a travel ban on countries Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen for 90 days as part of his executive orders. The major reason why Trump has decided to impose such ban, is purely for the reason of tackling terrorism which he and most American citizens that voted for him believe stems from Islam. Islamic terrorism and immigration was always Donald Trump’s main points and it is fair to say that he won the American elections primarily because of that, as this topic evokes a lot of emotions for the American people.

Picture of banned countries and countries which have close business ties

There have been widespread protests around the world condemning the ban in which it is clearly systematically targeted to dehumanise Muslims. However other people are in favour of Trump’s policy as they believe he is doing it for the good of America.

The problem with Trump’s idea of stopping Muslims from entering into the states is the creation of isolation. This enables Muslims, to create an illusion of them battling against the rest of the world, therefore fuelling future terrorist attacks to happen in the States as they now begin to support the terrorist’s ideologies and plans.

As mentioned at the beginning, most of the casualties which occurs in America are mostly a result of mass shootings caused by Americans themselves. This highlights the necessity to tackle the problem of domestic shootings, as it is becoming a regular occurrence and not focus on Islamic terrorism as the percentage of the attacks is nothing compared to domestic shootings in the states. It can also be argued, the

American media which are known for their flamboyant way of presenting also supported Trump march to the presidency by constantly attacking Muslims in every given opportunity despite them not having anything to do with the few incidents such as the Florida nightclub shooting which happened.

Despite the ban being successfully overruled by the U.S authorities, the sheer dedication of Donald Trump to implement the ban makes for a difficult and intriguing future for the not just America but the rest of the world.

It can be debated that the meteoric rise of Donald Trump is a result of the lack of faith from the American people towards established politicians like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The confidence and outlandishness aired by Trump as arguably attracted the middle and working class citizens who believe that his limited knowledge of the political game and honesty is enough for the country to become “great again”.

The honesty which we equate to as racism as travelled through much of Europe with many right-wing nationalists parties gaining more popularity. Examples would be the French nationalist party and the Austria freedom party which has gained votes in the last few years because of their message of nationalism being faded by immigration, in particular Islam.

This however highlights out the continuous battle innocent Muslims have to endure through as they battle to defeat the stereotypes which has unfortunately been placed on them. If Trump believes Muslims are the real source of terrorism then he should look at his own country, as white people are the deadliest perpetrators as they commit terrible shootings every month. Similarly, politicians also need to have a serious rethink about where they stand as the public are starting to lose faith in them and are leaning towards to reality television stars like Donald Trump whose straight-forward, controversial personality has captured the imagination of the millions of American people who ended up voting for him and not for an established as politician of Hilary Clinton.

On the other hand, it can also be argued by the American citizens who whole-heartedly voted for Donald Trump, believe that he is the saviour of the country and can help them rebuild from what they believe is the mess and false promises created in the Barack Obama reign. As well as promising to build a border wall between Mexico and the United States, the most important thing is that he intends to create millions of jobs in which he says, “We’re going to rebuild our infrastructure, which will become, by the way, second to none and we will put millions of our people to work as we rebuild it.”

Looking at the results and sub-dividing it into genders and ethnic races, the startling reality shows that 58 percent of white people voted for Trump while other ethnicities where incredibly lower in terms for voting for him. It does shows the possible racial element in terms of the results which mirrors the attiude of white Americans, in terms of the wanting to stop the flow of immigrants to the country. ( Source

It is a clear indication to showing how serious and clever Trump was by putting the American citizens first by targeting the necessary things they wanted, therefore being one of the major reasons why he won the American elections ahead of Hillary Clinton. Particularly, many of the mid-western states such as Okholama, Kansas, Texas and Nebraska who have a significant working-class white population voted for Donald Trump. (Source

While we can hate him for what he represents and his core values, there should be some sort of applause for Trump for his clever tactic in the way he has risen to become the most powerful man in the world. It goes to show the merge between reality and perception and how with marketing and an intriguing personality anything is divinely possible in this modern age.

The resluts of the elections shown here
Voting in terms of ethnicity

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