Improve your English vocabulary by doing simple things in your Daily Life.

Okay, though by myself, I’am not a typical grammatical boy, yet there were some means in my English learning expedition. Logically I’ll like to agree that learning via courses like English learning courses (spoken & writing) are best to be done. But for a guy like me is damn hard to learn English by Sitting and taking lectures, you know :) here this time, I’m suggesting my ways or methods that I went through my English learning throughout my life. Perhaps, people with different taste and interest will be searching to know how to learn English in best possible manner. So, here are some tips.

Watching movies !
lol, you gotta be kidding me ? I guess, that’s be your response but believe me movies really really work ! Add Subtitles to them. Sure you’d come across many Phrasal verbs, clauses, grammar and one best thing is how to say a specific set of idiom on what specific condition.. how American actually respond to, “Damn !! that was hell of a ride !”. 
 Perhaps there is language abuse while watching almost every movie by 2017, yet there are animated & other movies recommended to watch.

Harry potter: With this collection you gained’t lose a few a part of the story: Pronunciation isn’t tough to understand, actors have very specific accents and its plot is well known by way of every person.

Indiana Jones: Some other saga to say, it’s far very beneficial when mastering English as it has brief dialogues, easy questions, direct answers…

E.T. : A film complete of questions and easy answers, often defined slowly (for the terrible E.T., and now you, understand flawlessly the talk).

Notting Hill. Love story: A famous American mega star meets a single British bookseller in Notting hill. Tremendous to examine the variations among British and American accents.

Grease: The plot, dialogues and songs make it suitable for intermediate ranges.

casablanca: Conventional amongst classics. Its unhurried dialogues make it a exceptional work to examine English, although sure terms and terminology can make matters a touch difficult. Advanced:

The king’s speech: What better way to learn English that a film wherein they teach the king to properly pronounce his language? With this movie you will research best pronunciation and intonation; plus multiple sporting activities to coaching your English more fluently.

My truthful girl: Despite the fact that some of it’s dialogues are very smooth to comply with, others are a actual tongue tornado. However, as with ‘king’s speech’, you’ll analyze many hints to improve your pronunciation, to differentiate diverse British accents, and a number of vocabulary thanks to high-quality it’s traditional songs.

Billy Elliot: Only for the maximum experienced ears. The robust northern English accent of its protagonists makes it a actual assignment, mentioning the huge range of expressions and slang they use.

Smartphones for Smart Users:

Make your Smart-phone useful, One must thing you should have in your Phone is Dictionary. Perhaps One who is eager to know English or one who is interested in English learning shall be having a dictionary in his/her mobile. Subscribe to YouTube, reddit, and other social media accounts, Like Stuff related to English, Like Brands That follow English trends, Celebrities, and Do like English mems ;p they are harillious too.

Games as medium to improve English:

You are a hardcore gamer? Never mind, I have a solution for you too. Yet if you just play games to time pass, no problem there are light yet amazing English learning fun filled games to be played. Some of the games are mentioned as below:

Draw my thing:

One of most best and wild fun filled game is draw my thing. Guess a word or phrase others are drawing and Do draw a unique word to let other guess it. Fairly with most points will Win. The game gives a fair understanding between English and a craze to know what other has sketched. play draw my thing game to enjoy immatures fun.


This series of vocabulary and video games runs the gamut from basic to highschool degrees of skill ability. Each is suggested for both native speaking person as well as college students getting to know how to speak English as a 2nd or 1/3 (or extra) language.

Power words:

PSB’ WordGirl and her simian sidekick captain Huggy face do struggle against fair town’s most sinister residents, but it’s up to players to decide the path of the motion. Choosing the wrong words method letting the villains complies with, through with their sneaky plots.

Learnenglish KIDS:

The British council affords a set of brilliant cool games overlaying one-of-a-kind factors of the English language. Great of all, they encourage collaborative play between friends and siblings, particularly hoping older kids will guide younger ones in their studies.

Funbrain phrases:

Funbrain words’ games and activities are supposed to be loved among youngsters and their dad and mom or teachers in place of alone. Right here, they practice their spelling, grammar, and vocabulary competencies and may even learn the alphabet in American signal language.

Vocabulary at manythings.Org:

Grownup esl and efl newcomers sharpen their abilities thru the usual (but powerful!) phrase scrambles, hangman, and other challenges frequently wielded within the school room. Instructors specially need to factor their older college student’s right here for a high-quality supplement to formal training.

Esl amusing games on-line:

Suitable for every age and ability tiers, this web site additionally gives printable video games for school room use, as well as approaches to expand acumen in other instructional topics. With so many engaging sports regarding spelling, vocabulary, and grammar to select from, any learners are likely to find something feasible right here.

Online Apps:

There are some apps developed with sole aim to teach English. They are best to be used if possible. They give task, assessment and quiz by the end of each chapter. So thus they come to a formal English learning. Here are some real amazing Apps to be installed in your Mobile.


Fluent U is considered to be the best developed app assisting humans to learn & see English in easy way. also has Free & premium accounts. FluentU One of best scenes recorded in showbiz, fashion, politics, love or war, inspiring talks, harsh realities and turn them into a unique English learning lesson. Developers focused on giveing user end a very smooth and unique way to learning english in real ways.