Is There a Difference Between Granite & Quartz Counter tops?

One of the most common questions that is asked in regards to counter tops, is whether there is a difference between granite and quartz.

The short answer to the question is yes, there is a difference between the two, and in this article we hope to highlight the variances between the two.

The main difference

So, let us cut right to the chase of the main difference between granite & quartz counter tops, which is their production. While granite is a natural stone that originates from a single source, quartz is a composite mixture that is designed to replicate the appearance of stone.

To discover which of these is best for you, we’ll take a further look at several key areas and the advantages and disadvantages of each choice.


While good looks certainly aren’t everything, it does help to make the final decision for many homeowners, over which of the two to choose.

The difference between granite &quartz countertops in this respect is purely down to the individual taste of the consumer, as aesthetic preferences between the two vary greatly. Granite tends to have a more unique and natural appearance, compared to quartz, which allows for more colour and pattern variety in the styles that are available.

If you are using granite to deck out an entire kitchen, then it is also worth remembering that as granite is natural, you will likely need several different slabs to complete the project. Consequently, seams will be unavoidable, though can be hidden with clever design work by a professional. While the natural appearance may be worth this minor pitfall, others will sway to using quartz as a result.


Both granite and quartz are extremely hard-wearing and will likely take most of what you can throw at them, though quartz does have a slight edge on the durability front. While both are considered around the same level of strength, quartz has the bonus of its man made flexibility, meaning that the rigidness of granite can result in more chips and damage.


A key element that potential buyers analyze when deciding between granite & quartz counter tops is the maintenance and repair work required. In this department, granite is king, as it’s very resistant to any stains that may occur, while minor scratches can be easily filled in with a widely available resin.

Quartz is not quite as simple to repair, however, and although it is useful at repelling certain stains, if damaged then a professionalrepair is often required.

Another aspect to also consider is that quartz is vulnerable to sun exposure, meaning that if in a position of direct sunlightit is likely to become discoloured. In these situations, granite should then become the recommended choice.

In summary

While we have covered some of the main differences between granite & quartz counter tops, the decision ultimately lies with the customer and the desired look and function.