An Open Letter to the First Years
Clarisse Schneider

This just sounds unnecessarily whiny. In which tech world do you work, where there are no quotas? Every company has quotas (maybe not a couple of years back, but definitely so today), managers are given incentives to hire women, employees are paid more referral money if they refer a woman over a man for a tech role. Heck, older man get fired so younger women could be hired in their place. “ No company would be stupid enough to hire engineers that wouldn’t be an asset to their company, or interview people they wouldn’t consider” ← Clearly you are not a manager. Companies today are forced to let go older male engineers, because at the cost they are paying for them, they can hire 2 women out of college.

Your Rachel and the TA example wouldn’t exist if every class doesn’t have a bunch of women who do precisely that to get a higher score. It’s not uncommon. Sure, you might not have done it, but that doesn’t mean it never happens.

Sara working on front end at <BigTechCompany>, it’s her own damn fault for claiming “they were all UI changes, smaller changes”. Was there a need to do trivialize it herself?

The Jessica who nobody wants to talk to, maybe you don’t know the back story. Maybe her male co-workers had an older engineer mentor who was let go so Jessica could be hired.

The Rebecca who was sent on an all-expense-paid trip to the corporate office, yeah, what’s wrong with her team mate’s observation that it wasn’t relevant to her job? I have seen plenty of men turned down attendance to conferencs for budgetary reasons, only to see women being sent to women-only conferences all the time, because it is empowering I guess?

So get off your high horse. This article would have made a lot of sense 3 or 4 years ago. Today, not anymore.

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