Challenging Experience

I was pointed out to a resource on getting started with Flask. As I was going through that resource, I came across commands that worked very well in the Linux OS, but not in Windows. Now, before I even got started on using Flask, I got stuck on creating a virtualenv for my app as the tutorial suggested. I did a google search, and found a similar command in Windows OS, but still could not find a substitute for the other command. After a hard research work, I just moved on to a second resource named as “The Flask Mega Tutorial”. Phew! This tutorial dealt with Windows OS. I went through it, following it step by step, and successfully set up a virtualenv. As moving forward, I couldn’t understand many lines of code that were written in Flask, as I am not that much familiar with Flask. Scratching my head, I just decided to continue writing what I saw, hoping that I would eventually understand it.

OH NO!!! It just failed to run! Now what?? Maybe I have missed a step, have I? Let me restart all over again and see…

Step by step…. Not again! This ain’t working.. Lemme just try a simple Flask program, and a simple way to run it. To my surprise it WORKED!