Interesting Attributes of my team mates and of LFA @ Andela Bootcamp

I would like to dedicate this post to my Bootcamp team and our facilitator. But why would I do that? Well, its simply because we humans need one another, there is none who needs no one, and we also need to appreciate one another, show love and respect to one another, honor one another, look at the positive side while addressing the negative side in a respectful manner, thus leading to a peaceful environment, where, together, we can build great solutions. Now, I will go ahead and start off with the attributes of our LFA.

The name of of LFA is Bernard Mulobi, I have to admit he is a great facilitator. I mean, he dedicated his time to facilitate our learning, address our mistakes in a respectable manner, and help us to solve them. Most importantly, he dedicated his time helping those who had remained behind in the project, and facilitating their learning. Bernard! You are the FACILITATOR!

Coming to my team mates, Alan Ibutiti is a hero. Other than working on his challenges, he dedicated a great deal of time for helping others. He went a step ahead; video calling other team mates to help them over come their problem. Alan Ibutiti! You deserve being our team lead!

Second team mate I would like to talk about is Michael Brian. He has really pushed himself through the challenges, and has always sought solutions where ever he gets stuck. He has an attribute of not giving up and always continuing through the floods. Michael Brian! Keep it up and never GIVE UP!

Lastly I would talk about Gwadoya, despite having internet issues, she is trying her best, and she has also been punctual in our Hangout meetings. Gwadoya! Don’t worry! Internet issue will soon be out of the window!