How I contributed to Akka over the weekend

I was catching up on news and read Akka Blog which motivated me about contributing to the project.

Just to give some background, I have worked (read used) many open-source projects but never contributed to any of them.

I have been using Akka for a while (did some work at office and working on a personal project) and have been super happy learning and working with it. After reading the blog post, I started reading it’s contribution guide.

Once I was done with it, I picked the community label items and started browsing it. I found an issue that required the change in documentation and I thought it would be a good first contribution. You would ask why?

My reasons were simple.

  • I want to start getting involved with Open Source community.
  • I want to learn the process (as first step) by doing it while staying motivated.
  • I enjoy working with Akka
  • The nature of change is simple and would help me add value to project I like working with

Next, I followed the process (fork the repository -> create a working branch) and added the change needed. Then I opened up a pull request and worked with the team to get it merged.

In total, the total time I spent on making this change and getting it merged did not take more than `20 minutes`(considering the net work done and code review).

What I learnt?

  • Every contribution counts (and it motivates you to contribute more)
  • Akka community is awesome when it comes to help people learn and contribute
  • The process of contribution to open-source is no different than what we usually follow in our day-to-day office project (and you get to learn from people way more smarter than you. Big Win!)

I would hopefully add some more meaningful contribution moving forward.