For Every 20-Something Questioning The Success Of Their Business

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Dear friend,

Firstly, i would like to congratulate you. Being so young, you have a zeal to orient your career. You have started thinking about your future and career. You are thinking about building a business. Not everyone makes an effort to do so. Pat your back, you deserve it!

Now, coming to your question. Everyone at your age has a lot of ideas they want to put into use.

Ideas Are Living Entities.

If ideas are nurtured carefully and with planning, they turn into full-fledged organisms. At your age, make it a point to write down every idea you have, however bad it may be. Just write them down!

Most Importantly, THINK!

Think about new ideas every day. Think about new solutions to existing problems. Even think about new problems and their solutions. Just try and exercise your brain as much as you can. Brain is the most mysterious and magical thing in the real world. Use it! Control it!

And if you are finding problems with your ideas; it is a very good thing. This represents you made an effort to analyse your ideas. You contemplated on their practicality. Never stop doing this!

And to answer if you will succeed in business. My friend, you have just started. I know this might sound too cliched but trust me, you are too young to chase success! Businesses are not a product of one night’s work. Your business evolves with you. You have the perfect age to take risks, try new things, experience failure, learn and start all over again.

The only thing you should be concerned about, right now, is to try new things, gain experience while trying your hand at a lot of things. And side by side, start creating a road-map for your business.

Learn, Apply, Iterate, Repeat.

Businesses turn into success only after a lot of careful planning. The only way to plan is to go out and gain experience by trying your hand at everything possible.

And don’t think about failure. Thinking and planning about your future and business has already made you better than half of the folks out there!

Best of luck!