Is Being Gay a Person’s only Identity?

Headlines in various News Mediums

By now we know that Mr. Leo Varadkar has been elected as the next Prime Minister of Ireland. Well, it is a moment of pride for all the pseudo nationals. This news has been doing much rounds on the various News mediums.

What is strange about this, is the fact that every news article refers to this person not by his name or profession but by his sexual orientation. Every news headline about him is somewhat similar to “Indian-Origin Gay to be Ireland’s next Prime Minister” as it is evident from the photos attached. These photos attached are the news clippings by Times of India, News In Shorts & The Hindu.

So, the only achievement of this person or the only thing worth noticing or identifying about this person is his sexual orientation? Does anyone refer to Modi as India’s straight PM or Trump as a straight jerk? No, they simply refer him to be a jerk!

Being Gay is as natural as being straight. They are as normal as the people who despise them. You don’t have to isolate them by calling out names. Shouting out their sexual preferences contributes to discrimination towards them and to the social stigma they face.

There are have been many instances in the history wherein people from the LGBT community were singled out and punished or even killed for being natural. This depicts the immaturity of the previous generations and their inability to accept something they do not approve of.

What’s even more sad is the fact that the scenario has not changed in the present times. It is still the same. There are countries who punish LGBT people. It represents the rigidness of the mindset of the lawmakers and how they are incapable for approving something so natural.

If you are totally against Gays and their preferences, please consult a doctor for yourself. Else, stop calling out names for the people who fought the societal stigma and bravely embraced their sexuality without giving a rat’s ass to what the society thinks.

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