Trump’s Vision of a Militarized America
War Is Boring

If the powers that be had over the ages listened to sage informed advise we wouldn’t have made and repeated the same mistakes. Unfortunately bright smart people get caught up in their own spin and make choices and decisions that come to to haunt them and the country later.

One factoid theme is common amongst all previous administrations – the ability to listen to contrarian views is minimal and almost all feel comfortable within their own echo chamber.

As an example lessons that could be learnt from the experiences of the British empire in early 1900's, from Iraq or Afghanistan, has never been referenced by any American current or previous administration official. If anyone of them had paid attention to the history from that era they would have made or calibrated decisions on the ground better.

Sadly the truism that we never learnt from history and keep repeating the same mistakes will find common threads across all administrations.

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