How do I know if I’m trans?
Mattie Lents

Mattie, you are a incredible and beautiful human being. Your writing is inspiring, insightful and powerful. I would be honored to have as a friend. I know a friend who went through gender reassignment surgery and saw all her struggles as she became the beautiful person she is today. When I saw her for the first time after the final surgery she was different. She was finally at peace with demons, secure in who she was and more confident than I had ever seen her. I am a better person for knowing her.

I am the father of 3, grandfather of 5 and married for 34 years to the same wonderful person. I have different demons but she has stood by my side and loved me for me, not for who she expected me to be. She is my hero and I love her deeply. I could not imagine being with anyone else. You have helped people with your insights and I hope to read more of them. God Bless,


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