Behind the coffee bar

She has an ease about her, the way she moves. Everyone around her is moving so fast in hectic chaos and she almost seems still in her work. She has her hair tucked back in a low bun and a hat that seems to cover most of her face. Calling out the various coffee drinks names her tones shift for the people she is talking to. When she seems to know them it becomes higher and quicker. The shop is filled with an overwhelming smell of freshly brewed coffee and drowned out with multiple conversations and music. It is just loud enough where you can hear conversations happening but can’t channel into one specifically, and the music rotates between different genres playing the stereotypical coffee shop music and heavy rock. She seems to know every song with the way she lip syncs with every song that comes on as if she listens to the same loop everyday. Her energy picks up when she hears a song she likes, her movement becomes lighter.

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