Harlem Capital Interviews 4 Founders of Color on Fundraising $29MM

Harlem Capital Partners
Jul 23 · 7 min read

The Power of the Network

“And things like those are the systemic challenges for all of us who are outsiders in this world.”

Seeing VC Network’s from the Founder’s Eyes

Joseph Heller, founder and CEO of The/Studio, has raised $11M since 2013. The/Studio offers an on-demand, custom manufacturing platform for product development.

Perception of the Opportunity

Sean Salas co-founded Camino Financial with his brother, Kenneth Salas, in 2014. They’ve raised $5.75M in equity capital to scale the online finance company that focuses on lending to Latino-owned businesses to help them grow.

The reality is that we don’t have enough minorities and women in investment decision-making roles in Silicon Valley. It’s that simple. If you put more people that look like us in those decision-making roles, we will find that we are investing more in minority founders. Period. I fundamentally believe in that.

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