Harlem Capital Interviews Founders on Product, Pivots, and Scaling

Harlem Capital Partners
Jun 19 · 6 min read

Understanding your Customers

Lesson 1: Identifying customer pain points will be an iterative
process that shapes your product’s journey

Stephen Bailey, founder and CEO of ExecOnline, raised $42.7M over several rounds. ExecOnline partners with elite business schools to enable executives at the world’s largest companies to master and apply critical insights and practical solutions.

Part 2: Reaching Product-Market Fit

Achieving product-market fit is the next big milestone for startups in
their product journey. While product-market fit is about ensuring that
the product is well suited for a particular market, distribution is a key
area that is often overlooked. When talking about how HealthSherpa achieved product-market fit Cat Perez, Chief Product Officer and co-
founder, explains, “one of the first things that we started looking into was thinking about distribution channels”, and how the company could reach more people.

Cat Perez is the co-founder and Chief Product Officer at HealthSherpa and has raised $9.6M in venture funding. HealthSherpa makes it easy to find the health plan that fits you best and has helped 1.5 million people improve access to healthcare

Part 3: Lessons Learned through Scaling

Joseph Heller founded his company, The/Studio, in 2013 and since then has raised $11M in funding. The/Studio offers an on-demand, custom manufacturing platform for product development.