An Open Letter to John Hanke & Niantic
Yang Liu

To Niantic,
I, like many of my friends and strangers I have met on a Pokemon Go quests would like to say that PokeVision was not a cheat but like a map of the battle field, like anyone on a quest who needs a map it was an extension of Pokemon Go. It was us the Trainers vs. the Pokemons. Standing around spontaneously playing the game waiting for good things to happen was ok and simple but never gave us a reason to run or to reach our highest incapable unimaginable strengths, but when PokeVision came the strengths and motivation we thought we never had in us came from our love and desire to be the very best and our love for POKEMON as children. My friends and I, along with many other strangers gave it our all with full motivation to play the game and all the run we thought we didn’t have and not give up on while running from point A to point B even when we were the Pokemon Love kept us going helping one another, having a fight together with other strangers to push and go to unimaginable lengths. We finally had a map of the battle field like most games have on PlayStation and etc. We would know where to go where to run to catch our favorite Pokemon’s. It was that run and desire that made me want to play the game more and more. While running maybe any giving amount of countless blocks not giving up even when we’re tired and given up all hopes of our strengths we still pushed and were not completely bummed out if we didn’t catch the Pokemon we all ran for because it was a fun, a great run and a great work out and just that fight we all had to make it in time was amazing. We all looked forward for the next run! Out of the countless times I ran for Pokemons on Pokevision I made it to catch maybe 2 or 3, and although we were bummed out or mad that we didnt catch or make it in time, It was amazing and fun just running and fighting ourselves to keep pushing and running for something we all love. Without PokeVision there is no fun in Pokemon Go. At least allow PokeVision to operate once a week so that you can see all the people that gather to enjoy this amazing feeling. There should be a PokeVision Day that we can all gather to enjoy, because it gives us something to look forward to. Without Pokevision… what do we look forward to? What run? what fun? if its all spontaneous without Pokevision. Just playing pokemon go without pokevision my interest and desire to play has come to an halt. I play when I’m bored now. When pokevision was functioning, I played because it was a quest and a map of where we could find our favorites. PokeVision belongs with Pokemon Go. I have not tried to search for other apps or anything else because PokeVision was the official map and the only map that I cared to play Pokemon go with. Please Niantic check your records of play during POKEVISION and after Pokevision was shutdown. I am most positive that your numbers have dropped in plays while Pokevision is down. 
Please bring back the fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hate you for calling Pokevision a cheat. I’ve gone places I’ve never been to if it wasn’t for Pokevision. Niantic Please understand it is not a cheat but a great extension of the game, think about all the unimaginable things you can do with this map. all the places you can lead us to. all the business opportunities and growth. Pokevision is the Map of Pokemon Go. Be Smart!