There once was king named able.He lived in a kingdom 5 million years ago. upon the throne they were three.Throughout the land the three sons carried out what they thought would fit wise people but would end up destroying it insted. When the time came the king would have to give up his crown for he was getting older. He called his sons into the foyer and stood “hello my children for you know my time has come to crown one if my sons the rightful place apon my thrown” the king liffted the crown from above his head and placed it on a pillow which it sat. “My sons it does not matter is you are not chosen I only choose with a strong fist, opened mind, and pure heart, for one my sons will be kinged and become the new ruler of my people and kingdom” the kings hand held a firm grip. “I have thought wislly my sons for the eldest is not intelligent, for my middle child is not strong, and for my youngest is not wise” the king placed a hand upon his chest and the sound of his heart softened, the king lay back in his thrown and placed a locket, and a key apon the crown.“For my time has come children, and my chosen leader is neither one of my sons, for it is all of sons to live with a key and locket and a crown, may you bring rule and leadership.” The kings breath fadded and with that was gone.
The kingdom’s name long forgotten, but the rules after is ended and now what is left is nothing more then the ashes.
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