Your Opinion on Racism, or Lack of, in Todays Society:

*sources are all anonymous and vary in gender, educational background, race, age, birthplace and orientation.

POC point of view:

-Today’s society is so inherently racist. I don’t know if you have heard about it, but Humboldt state students made a map of hate, which is available online. It shows that most cities that have low diversity seem to have more hate for other cultures and races, which is extremely unfortunate. I am appalled by the fact that people want to boycott star wars just because the main protagonist is African American. How ridiculous. The directors wife is black, for christssake. And it really sucks because minorities suffer so badly — economically, socially, etc. And it really sucks that the last lynching based on race was in 1981. That was not even that long ago!

-Everyone is implicitly or explicitly racist. It’s how were raised in a society. It’s what were taught and how we psychologically process things

-racism is a bitch lol but it will always exist. i think today especially in the younger generations we lack self value. kids tend to do things to do selfless things to please society rather than themselves.

-I think there’s such thing as white privelege and as a minority I think I am discriminated against sometimes

-See like I was thinking about this earlier like with Halloween coming up and the hoopla over these “racist” costumes and I racist is quotations because I for one don’t get offended of such Hispanic/Mexican costumes and Idk even if I should or is it maybe I’m so white washed that I’ve become detached from my culture that is don’t see it as my own so there for not offended or am I just not as sensitive as other people this topic has come up a lot in the cosplay community with “racist” cosplays because of face painting to match the characters color but it’s always marking their skin darker.. no in says anything when they paint their face white somtimes I think people are just overly sensitive now a days when it comes to anything but maybe it’s because I’m not part of an oppressed community so I “don’t understand” its funny how you say racism or lack of because it’s literally half of everyone says it’s everywhere and the other say racism is not longer an issue I’m not saying that it isn’t it still can be but I also think EVERYONE is soooooo sensitive like everyone has something to get offended about I don’t think it’s somthing everyone needs to work on but stop with thus costume bullshit x.x like I can’t sorry I had a point >.>

-Okay so! People say that there’s no racism today. BUT honestly just because there’s no Jim Crow laws doesn’t mean racism doesn’t exist. Like I have family members who get scared when they’re around black or Mexican people. I myself grew up being made fun of because I was dark. We have prejudice ingrained in us and subtle micro aggressions toward certain ethnic groups. Though we can’t undo years and years of socialization, what we can do is become self aware.

-Hm well I feel like the lack of outward racism such as segregation and persecution is looked down on society today, so that has decreased in the last century, which is good. But because of that, it made room for inward racism in which people make preconceived judgements of people, make stereotypes, or perhaps treat people differently without realizing it

- Well, I think that racial appropriation is taking advantage of people of color, mixed race shouldn’t be fetishized because it says that a person of color is only attractive if they have qualities of a white person and I feel there is so many problems today about open racism and subconscious racism that sadly I would not be able to talk about it all off the top of my mind. Charleston shooting made me furious, police brutality is bad in general, but it hurts more that people refuse to acknowledge that they target black people more, the ghettos are not something we should use to describe a black person, or anyone in general. White wash shows obvious racism especially in movies, and misrepresentation, black face is extremely ignorant, Donald trump is an immigrant and yet he hates on other immigrants, no ones religion should effect what kind of office they take in government as Long as it doesn’t oppress people of another race or religion. People who say that they don’t see race are another problem, because they can’t see racism at work, and white privilege is the main reason why white people feel so entitled to do horrible things to others. I’m pretty sure there’s more, but I’m just going to say, people who are racist need to educate themselves. Oh yeah, plus I like nicki manaj because she spoke up against racism and against Miley.

White demographic point of view:

-I think people need to be more nice. But, they should stop talking about racism. There shouldn’t be a differentiation, black history month shouldn’t be a thing, and affirmative action should not be a policy.

-its definitely more prevalent than people realize. it wasn’t until I had extensive education in power and privilege that I noticed how problematic most people I grew up with (including my own family) were.

-my whole family is really “christian conservative” which sounds like code for “racist” nowadays. i don’t even think they know they’re being racist, which seems like that would be the case for a lot of people. with the ferguson case and a lot of critical scholars getting popularized in the mainstream, it seems like we’ve been spotlighting things like microaggressions a lot more lately. as far as media portrayals are concerned, i think that cultivation theory is still strongly accurate because it informs our worldview regardless of how accurate those portrayals are and so those become our reality so when we see things that fall into those stereotypes they get further reinforced. damn near all of the criminals in breaking bad were ethnic because we wouldn’t have believed it if they were white. it’s bad but it’s so deeply ingrained in the structure of society that pushing against it is a pebble in the ocean.

-In short i think society has come a long way w/ regards to racism but we still have a longass way to go. Theres definitely still racism but its shitty. And I think that one of the important things that people need to remember is that while there are some commonalities between areas, every country has racism in different ways and it doesn’t make sense sometimes to cross apply analysis between them. I see a lot of discourse that takes a super American centric approach to race and pretty much assumes it’s the same in other countries.

- It comes down to ignorance ~ if you don’t believe there’s racism you’re ignorant, if you’re racist, your ignorant. Those are my views. No one I’ve seen gives either side a good rep, we just keep Perpetuating it.

Grey area point of view (mixed, look white but are POC, VV):

-Personally I belive that no matter where you go today there is racism. I think it is learned not natural. I think it is wrong and should be eliminated although I don’t know how that can be done. (Side note) I’m samoan and white grew up in anahiem/garden grove. Before I can remember I was surrounded by different cultures, ethnic groups etc I never really knew what racism was until late elementary early junior high. Since I grew up with whats considered white culture and the samoan side of the family I consider myself white. Although I hang out with everyone. I like asian people etc. I think that’s because at least half my friends are asian or part.

-When I have a white customer walk away from me saying “Que? No hablo Ingles?” under her breath, racism is alive and well.