Clash of Kings Hack Cheats [100% WORKING] Unlimited Gold, Silver and Wood Generator Android iOS

Harley Rogers
Oct 13 · 3 min read

Clash of Kings is a multi-player online strategy game similar to Clash of Clans. It was developed and published by Elex Tech in 2014. It is one of the highest grossing games in the App Store and in Google Play (iOS and Android devices) since it was released. It also has high-profile celebrity endorsements.

Access Online Generator

Like other games, Clash of Kings has their secret codes and hacks that players can use to get unlimited supplies such as gold, wood, and other essentials to expand their empire.

Why Should You Hack?
In Clash of Kings, you will have the experience of building your fantasy kingdom and conquer others for unlimited access to the other kingdoms’ resources.

Just going to throw this out here: why do you need a hack tool or a cheat engine in Clash of Kings? Well, for one, it saves you a lot of time and money. Some of the items in the game require in-app purchases, meaning you have to spend money in order to acquire them. With Clash of Kings cheat engines, you can have unlimited supplies of free gold, silver, wood and other essentials.

The cheat tools can be used in iOS devices and some are compatible with Android devices. Some don’t need to be downloaded to be used in playing the game (they work the same but offer different results). There are also those that can generate unlimited gold without the need for codes. Well, regardless of how they work, these tools are being downloaded by countless players to modify the amount of their resources — of course, for the sake of emerging victorious.

As pointed out, cheat engines work differently, so choose something that will suit your needs. Go for the one that offers Clash of Kings free food, silver, wood and gold in unlimited amounts. If you can get one that generates more EXP points after you raid a castle that would be great, especially since you need EXP points to gain access to some upgrades such as castles and fortifications.

Also, you need gold and other resources to succeed in certain quests so Clash of Kings cheats will make your game easier and more enjoyable. Beware and be warned though, because there are cheats that can ruin your game and might cause some technical glitches. Also, note that some cheat engine creators put a price on their cheat engines to make money. Fortunately, most of the Clash of Kings hacks and cheats are free and downloadable. Others can be used through a web browser.

Using Web-based Hacks

First, go to the website that offers free Clash of Kings gold & food generator tools and other similar programs. They typically offer 999,999 amounts of everything — gold, food, and even Clash of Kings free wood, you name it. Then click on their online generator and fill-up the necessary forms to make the transfer of gold and other items to your account.

The process doesn’t take long and you will be able to use the currency quickly. Enter your account information and the platform you’re using (e.g. Android, iOS, etc.). Press “Connect. Then put the desired amount of gold and other resources that you will need. Then click “Generate”. You will receive the amount after.

There are websites that offer Clash of Kings cheat codes along with unlimited Clash of Kings free gold, silver, and other resources. All you have to do is select a platform that your team uses, and you will receive unlimited supplies. Just remember to check for signs of viruses and other malware to make sure your device is safe (don’t click any ads that pop up — these might redirect you to an unsecure site).

Your Clash of Kings cheats and hacks would make you one of the most formidable players out there. Just use them wisely and you’ll be fine. Also, spend your gold on upgrading your military tents and your hospitals to gain an edge. And finally, place your important buildings in strategic places accordingly for better chances in raids. Make sure to go for the weakest link to your enemies’ fortification. The key to winning a raid is to breach the weak side of their walls or scaling.

So go forth, fellow tactician! Use your wit and skills to defeat your opponents and bring glory to your kingdom. Remember the tips you’ve been taught and you will be guaranteed victory. Until then, you will continue your quest to build the strongest kingdom the world has ever seen. May good fortune fall upon you and your kingdom. Enjoy CoK!

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