A Reception Area Is the Face of the Office

If a conference room is considered as the brain of the office, a reception area can be regarded as the face of it. When a client or a visitor steps inside an office, the first thing they notice is a reception area. The saying ‘first impression counts’ is valid when it comes to reception. The type of furniture used in a reception area has the power to make a long lasting impression on visitors. Successful companies invest a lot of time in researching and visualizing how a reception area of their office should look. Following are some of the factors that an organization has to keep in mind while designing a reception area:

Does it look Professional?

Whether you are a start-up or a FTSE 350 company with offices spread across the world, the overall feel of a reception area should present that of a successful company. This does not necessarily mean that the furniture being used has to be conventional or mundane. Often, cleverly designed reception desks helps set a professional tone to the reception area. New-age designs using unconventional designing methods and materials can help in creating an interesting looking reception area.

Is it comfortable enough?

Some organizations use a reception area as a room employees and visitors just pass through while other companies use it as a waiting area. In these cases, it is important to create an environment and tone, which is comfortable. Having furniture such as sofas and chairs used for reception seating in such area helps in making people feel comfortable. Tone of the lighting and small additions such as flowers also help in giving the area a pleasant look and feel.

Is it engaging?

Waiting in reception area can be boring. A way to make the waiting time less boring is by keeping some relevant reading material such as magazines and newspapers present. This helps visitors who are waiting for appointments read something that is engaging and interests them. Having newspaper or magazine stands makes it easier for the visitor to choose the reading material and keep the reception area organized.

Is it organized?

A clean and well organized reception area goes a long way in presenting the office culture. Reception desks that have enough space for keeping files and notes well organized help in smooth running of a front office. If items are scattered everywhere, it reflects a bad image of a company on visitors. This idea also applies to the other furniture and essentials which are kept in the reception area such as magazines and newspapers.

Making use of chairs and sofas for reception seating helps in making the visitors feel more comfortable. Similarly, a reception desk with compartments helps people working at the front office keep their stationery organized. Taking note of the above mentioned factors can help companies in deciding how to furnish a reception area.

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