Advantages of Height Adjustable Desk Provisions at Work

Employers, nowadays take necessary measures to take care of the well-being of their employees. Increasing concerns of postural discomfort at workplaces have led to the popularity of adjustable desks. There are several advantages of height adjustable desks.

Employees spend a lot of their time in their workplaces. In most organisations where employees have desk jobs, long hours of sitting causes physical discomfort to them, leading to injuries and lack of productivity. Thus, investment in ergonomic furniture can help companies in reducing such issues (Daily Mail, Dobson, 2015). Furniture companies manufacture a variety of height adjustable desks that have multiple benefits. Given below are some of them:

· Healthy Way of Working: According to an article published by Daily Mail, “Sitting for long periods has been shown to damage health, and is linked to a greater risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes”. The source also suggests that, “by breaking up the bouts of sitting, and allowing the blood and oxygen to flow through the body better, it will result in improved health, well-being and work engagement”. Thus, provision for a height adjustable desk can allow employees to conveniently stand and work (Daily Mail, Dobson, 2015).

· Improved Energy Levels: According to an article published by Health Postures, sitting and working on computers for long hours can lead to lethargy and tiredness in employees. The source suggests that, “A stand up desk will end that middle of the day tired feeling and leave the user feeling more energetic and less likely to want to take a nap” (Health Postures, Dave, 2013). Thus, adjustable desks contribute to improved energy levels of employees.

· Increased Productivity: As adjustable desks can allow employees to sit and stand as per their convenience, it can result in reduction in musculoskeletal problems at workplaces. And, with reduced physical discomfort, employees can concentrate more on their tasks, resulting in improved productivity and better outcome for businesses (Reuters, Nelson, 2015).

· Reduced Absenteeism: Healthier employees tend to take fewer days of leave as compared to employees with physical injuries and stress. Height adjustable computer desks can thus considerably reduce absenteeism at workplaces as these types of desks can reduce physical stress.

Hence, companies can consider the above mentioned advantages when planning to purchase desks for their employees. Along with adjustable desks, provision for height adjustable and comfortable chairs can also add to the comfort of a company’s staff. It is also advisable that companies should invest in quality furniture that comes with warranty to prevent frequent repairs and replacements.

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