Create Productive Workplaces through Suitable Furnishing

The following article will talk about office furnishing ideas that can positively impact productivity levels of employees in an organisation. The article focuses on five workable solutions to do the same.

Keeping employees’ morale high is one of the best things you can do to instil loyalty and maintain a productive workplace” (Go2HR, POSITIVE EMPLOYEE MORALE). It is important in work environments that employers consider and implement measures to boost morale of employees in order to improve their productivity. Apart from incentives, awards and recognitions, the physical work environment of employees is also considered as an important factor that impacts the efficiency levels of employees. According to a paper published in the International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications, “Office design is very vital in terms of increasing employees’ productivity. Comfortable and ergonomic office design motivates the employees and increases their performance substantially” (IJERA, Sehgal).

Thus, organisations should provide their employees with comfortable and productive workplaces that help them stay motivated. Given below are some practical ways to furnish companies appropriately:

1) Stylish Furniture: Furniture is important in offices for employees to conduct their tasks efficiently. Provision for stylish furniture can add an aesthetic value to organisations and which in turn can impact the efficiency of employees. There are a variety of furniture options available across the market. One can go for modern metal furniture or can choose conventional birch or beech office furniture for their offices. Furniture companies offer variety in styles, laminates and finishes for business desks, chairs, storage and other furnishing requirements.

2) Ergonomic Furnishing: When furnishing workplaces, companies should also consider ergonomic designs to enhance employees’ comfort. “Prospective ergonomics means searching for alternatives in work design which prevent fatigue and exhaustion on the part of the working subject in order to promote human productivity” (International Labour Office, Laurig & Vedder). Thus, comfortable and adjustable furniture should be purchased by employers.

3) Office Furniture Packages: To create productive workplaces, companies can purchase stylish furniture in packaged deals also. A lot of furniture companies offer a great range of affordably priced furniture that can blend well with different interior designs of organisations.

4) Open Workspaces: Another way to create an efficient work environment is by promoting collaboration at workplaces. Open workplace designs tend to improve collaboration and team spirit among employees and also help employees to brainstorm together for solving problems (Open Forum, Giang). Companies can choose form a wide range of options like elegant wooden office furniture or practical folding furniture for their open workspaces.

5) Light: Last, but not the least, adequate provision for lighting can impact the concentration levels of employees. Companies can invest in energy efficient lighting and can also provide for wide windows for natural light to enter offices. Exposure to natural light at work can affect mood, behaviour and productivity of employees (Andrew Jensen, 2015).

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