Industrial drawer cabinets

Sensible Furniture for Workshop

Furnishing the workshop with a variety of storage and transport solutions can be a boon for the employees. The cost-effective product range can save time, ensure high-quality work and increase productivity.

On one end, there is often, a mad rush to complete tasks for the day. In the flurry of activity, things get misplaced and searching for them can be a tiresome task. On the other end, the work is going on seamlessly and is almost finished for the day with time to spare. Here efficient functional furniture provides time-saving and profitable edge in a work day.

Available in a wide range of sizes, workshop furniture like cabinets can offer convenient storage for many purposes. The range of cabinets come in vivid colours and can be utilised for an assortment of storage needs. Versatile range of fittings like shelves, tool panels, hanging rails, modular and storage bins and set of hooks elevate their utility and efficiency characteristics. For some cabinets, the fittings have to be purchased separately to meet specific requirements. The cabinets come in a variety of convenient door styles and are available as free-standing or mobile units. You can choose whichever style meets your requirements.

The versatile nature of trolleys can be of assistance, where lack of productivity can be a hurdle when operating between distances. They come in a wide range of functional designs. Although, the main aim of this product is to provide internal transport, they also offer handy storage and convenient work surfaces. The range is sturdy and comes with shelves or drawers or in a combination of both; so one can choose the best design to meet specific needs. They come with powder coated frame that is hard-wearing.

There’s nothing more convenient than pulling a tool trolley along wherever it is required. The product comes with lockable drawers making it a safe place to store valuable tools. Another option in this range is a mobile variation with a stand and lockable storage cabinet. Its castor wheels have brakes to ensure secure passage. For environments where hazardous materials need to be transported, the sump trolley is a perfect choice. It comes with a steel frame and detachable trays. Its design includes taps for drainage and cleaning purposes and is equipped with swivel wheels, brakes and an optional mesh top.

Among the many storage solutions available for workshops are industrial drawer cabinets with central locking. They come with variations in number of drawers for under desk, free-standing and mobile units. The under desk unit is used in combination with a bench top. The mobile drawer units have wheels and brakes. Steel roller bearings help to pull out the drawers easily. The drawer units are available in attractive finishes.

Whatever the type of environment, there are a wide range of functional products that offer a perfect solution for storage and internal transport in the workshop. You just need to choose the right one to make a demanding work environment simple, trouble-free and uncomplicated.

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