Perfect Pampering Princess Facial- Harley Street Skin Clinic

Everyone would love to have a fairy godmother that could wave her magic wand and make those wrinkles disappear. Luckily for you, those dreams can come true with The Princess Facial, which is designed to make those wrinkles less visible leaving you with softer, smoother and brighter looking skin.

The Princess Facial is for a true princess, using the Microdermabrasion Mask — containing crushed diamonds and pearls — it gets to work straight away, refreshing and brightening your complexion. The combination of massage and serums allow the products to penetrate skin more effectively, giving you truly amazing results. The treatment is finished with a consultation for the home maintenance kit to ensure your skin is looked after at home too. The best part is, unlike most fairy godmother’s wishes, the results won’t wear off over night

This treatment is perfect for minimising the appearance of wrinkles, plumping the skin, and giving a glow to dull-looking, tired skin. The duration for the facial is about 90 minutes, and it is relaxing and totally pain-free

Cost of Princess Facial only available in Harley Street Skin Clinic is £120.

Time Duration: 90 Minutes

About Skin Clinic: Harley Street Skin Clinic offers you The Princess Facial in London. To know more about The Princess Facial procedure, time duration and cost contact us at 020 7436 4441.

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