Look At Problems As Opportunities

Let’s be honest.

We see problems as problems. A simple setback is a problem. Your phone isn’t working is a problem. That girl who stole your boyfriend is a problem. Or your girlfriend falling out of love is a problem. A traffic is a problem. Going to a grocery store is a problem. Having too many people in our lives is a problem. Saying ‘no’ to a party invitation is a problem. Your pile of to-be-read list is a problem. Your love for writing and reading is a problem.

It seems like everything in life is a problem. It’s not only you who feels this way. Probably everybody. Even the Kardashians have a problem. Being too rich is a problem now a day. They don’t know where to put all that money they have.

We see simple things as problems because we are too busy seeing them as problems. We are lazy to think of what are the causes of these simple things.

I was a victim too, you know. I was too lazy to think for myself that everything that was a pile of cluttered nonsense became a major problem for me.

But if you have a strong mentality — a strength and courage to make the muscles in your brain think sharply and critically, everything that we thought as problems would be all opportunities.

Opportunities to learn, to grow, and to use our minds to think outside our comfort zones.

Problems are ways of the Universe or probably our minds to say that we are ready to take the test that will help us move onto the next stage.

If you have a problem in having too much to read because of your book-buying disorder, then I suggest to you to look at it in a creative way. Your book-buying disorder and having too much to read are not problems at all. You are probably juggling two to three jobs every day, and you can’t find time to read all those books, and that is okay. Totally okay.

Buy all the books you want even if you don’t read them. They will be your investments. Someday when you grow old enough and are ready to settle down or at least working one job, you can spend all your time in your own conditions and likes.

If you don’t have time to write or paint, it’s time to learn to make time for them. It’s time to learn self-management. Take this opportunity to learn something and improve yourself.

If your phone isn’t working, spend your precious time reading instead. Or write. Or listen to music. Or spend quality time with your family and friends. Or rest. Do something else. It is not a problem.

If your boyfriend was stolen from you, then let him go. He was stolen for a reason. Maybe he is not for you, or maybe you need to prove yourself that you can be alone, and that you can move forward. Maybe you need to spend some time alone, to look back and reflect, and to learn from it all.

If there is traffic, take deep breaths. Be mindful. Read your emails. Text your friends and family. Practice your patience.

If going to a grocery store is a problem, ask someone to accompany you instead. Catch up with that someone. Learn things from each other. Share recipes.

If having too many people in life is exhausting and a problem, tell yourself that you are a great person for having them. They’re not a burden but a blessing. They’re here in your life right now because you’re a great person. They chose to be with a person like you. Practice gratitude.

If saying no to a party is a problem because you don’t want to offend anyone, then you’re offending yourself. Honor yourself by recognizing the things you want instead of what others want. It’s super cool to be honest instead of faking happiness. It’s time to listen to your heart and practice to say no to things that you don’t want.

Problems are not burdens. They are opportunities that we all should welcome in life. Don’t let these opportunities vanish without the lessons or learning that came with them. You only have one lifetime to experience them. Don’t let slip them at the tips of your fingers.

Stop. Listen. Think.

The Universe clearly wants you to grow up into the person you are supposed to be.

You are being equipped for the next stage, and you are just getting closer and closer to the higher you.