Updated: An Overlooked Diamond in Short Film Series?

This series of promotional BMW films is star backed (Madonne, The Driver) and sometimes Guy Ritchie directed overlooked jewel in commercial entertainment, I think. Did you know it?

There is a recent update in this installment and it’s called “The Escape” free tp watch http://bmwfilms.com/the-return-of-bmw-films. Do so tonight!

  1. The Escape (2016/VI)
  2. Who Killed the Idea? (2003)
  3. Ticker (2002)
  4. Beat the Devil (2002)
  5. Hostage (2002)
  6. Powder Keg (2001)
  7. Star (2001/I)
  8. The Follow (2001)
  9. Chosen (2001)
  10. Ambush (2001)

Thanks to IMDB for the records and Youtube for the video archives.

More in “Mail from Harm” at http://eepurl.com/cTNBcv

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