Millennials work StarCraft-Style

What employers need to realize to stay active, attract and hold talent today is that concentrated parallel project works does require instant access, adjusted project structures and online in-document team-work. Are you ready?

Who does this cover? All people in the world influenced by Video Game Culture worldwide between 1980–2010. This includes not only first-world-like populations in North and South America and Western Europe, but Eastern Europe, Russia, parts of China, South East Asia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and Singapore as well as ANZAC.

The work style is not better or worse then the dominant one in place now, but different. It features overview maps in mind, fast reactions, i.e. 60–100 per minute clicks, searches or focal points and deep strategic thinking alongside.

This approach makes them incompatible with paper-based workflows with fax or paper slip registrations and forms aside from checklists or traveling logs. It will annoy them to work on a need-to-know basis on single subjects for years, when the commercial environment in the firm or in the industry changes fast. To harvest the beat results and keep Kille oaks motivated, consider this.

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