Short Rant On Crossmedia Promotion

Why does anyone want to hear cross-media promotion? Why? A few examples that made me smile:

  • German Live Stream Apple TV and iOS Apps tell me that the feature has more insights in the app. From within the app.
  • High Quality Print Computer (ironic combo) magazines include Weblinks and extra articles only avalaible online. Do not cross-finance the online news site or digital magazine with a print version.

If I use an app to watch TV, don’t direct me to it. If I watch TV tell me the stories you can and do not point me to the same online. I would have been there first, if I wanted to read it. In Print, write what’s necessary and provide links on webpages or clickable PDFs. In Podcasts one may refer to related meta information to be consumed alongside when non audio or next.

And another one that makes me laugh: My scientific society monthly magazine is expensive to ship worldwide and I don’t care for the paper and resources wasted. So I asked to receive all news as PDF. There is no good way, and oh how I hate you cheaply programmed web screenreaders (with turning the page animations, not searchable) of protected content, to receive the information on time and accessible. But they publishers block some of the content altogether, so I cannot read the same as in print.

Please have a look at SciHub, PDF as document format for whole magazines, the BDAE Newsletter, Netflix, Monocle, the new availability of PDF version of Heise Magazines and, an all-online highlight opportunity for magazines.

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