5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Ladakh

Ever wondered why people are always so psyched about Ladakh? Everyone is always like, “let’s hit Ladakh!” or “Let’s get Leh’d!!” or, “Let’s go to Leh on Bullets!”. Ladakh is an extremely scenic place. Even if you’re a skeptic traveler who is still worried about visiting Ladakh because of its altitude and remote location, here are a 5 reasons why you should visit Ladakh:

  1. Unparalleled Beauty
     Enclosed in between the Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges, the Ladakh region is a highland that is layered in spectral of red, orange, brown, green, and grey landscapes, with large clear blue water bodies, which make for a surreal scenic beauty. So if you are still thinking that Ladakh is just a barren landscape… I’m afraid, you’re heavily mistaken.

2. Roadside Food
 We know you must have tried out Momos and Thukkpas out here in the city at some Indo-Tibetan restaurant BUT out there in the actual Indo-Tibetan sphere, you will just relish each bite of Momos and slurp of Thukkpa. Just imagine that there is a mystical spice hidden in the valley that tops-up the steamy Momos to a lip smacking snack and lashing of red chillis in the bowl of Thukkpa will just be a foodgasm in the chilly and dry winds.

3. Rare Sights and Photography

You’ll thank us for stating this reason about visiting Ladakh. Glaciers, ice capped mountains, and a clear blue lake in the middle of the mountains 134km long, are something you never have and never will never going to get anywhere else in the world.

Do you know there is a species of blue sheep? And also a species of Snow Leopard? You can have interesting sights that cannot be easily enjoyed elsewhere in the world. This is a whole new Narnia in India. Starting from mountain wolves to river rafting, this place can craft new experiences that are rare and everlasting. The mountain scapes, desert scapes and river scapes… altogether offer a wonderful scenic frame to improve your photography skills. So you have got a chance to click countless candid moments.

4. To conquer the highest trekkable peaks and mountain passes

You know Ladakh is quite popular for certain trekkable peaks like Stok Kangri, Nun-Kun and Kang-Yatse? Even if you think it is hard for you to get adapted to the high altitude of 6,000 meters and above, you got those historical mountain passes that used to be the trade routes once upon a time between India and China. Once you conquer one of these mountain passes we bet you will receive the best bird’s eye view of the distant valleys and remote villages tucked in the midst of the Himalayan ranges. Some of the notable mountain passes are the Kardung La, Tanglang La, Chang La, Wari La, and Namshang La.

5. Romantic

Do you know that Ladakh is an important honeymoon destination in India? The serene place, cold climate and mesmerizing sceneries are said to rekindle love and romance. It being the coldest area in the country attracts a lot of honeymooners and young couples every year. If you are ready for an entertaining vacation with romance, adventure and relaxation, this would be the right place.

So these are just a few reasons on why I think everyone to should visit Ladakh atleast once in a lifetime because it is a place not to be missed. You think the Alps, or the Grand Canyons are great. Try this one out for size.

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