The grown-up child.


I was a child, under my mother’s shadow
I was a child, trying to get a glimpse of the world
I was a child, waiting to play in the meadow
I was a child, who was true to his word

I started hiding as I grew up, I was scared
I started thinking as I grew up, less I dared
I started following the rules, because I feared
I started living the lie like everyone else, lies I shared

I pretended, pretended that I am better than others
I pretended, pretended because I was compared
I pretended, pretended I have nothing that bothers
I pretended, pretended even more because I wasn’t prepared

Now, I swim across the sea of thoughts, looking at the past
I see, the lies I have lived, drowning and breathe their last
I float more towards the truth, as I dive deeper into the dark

Is this the truth, or am I living another lie,
I guess I grew up too fast

Here I am, piling up tomorrows, living my empty yesterdays,
I guess I grew up too fast