Best for your brand — Instagram vs. Facebook

Today, instagram is as popular as facebook is. No doubt, facebook has a large population than instagram because it is in social media from a long time and even popular too but craze for instagram is also very high these days. But the main question arises is that which is the best way for advertise your brand or building up your brand?

Some common statistics of these two mediums are as follows:

Facebook Stats

1.13 billion Daily users.

1.03 mobile daily active users.

1.71 billion Monthly active users.

40 million small businesses have pages.

Instagram Stats

500 million monthly active users.

300 million daily active users.

4.2 billions likes daily.

Over 95 millions photos/videos posted daily.

Data collected from:

Targeting Customers

To know your target customer you must know the customer’s age, gender, interest and preferences for selling product or services.

Facebook allows us to know everything about our customers because everything is mentioned in his/her profile. So it is useful information for businesses and marketers.

While on Instagram, there is nothing like that. It depends upon the user to reveal his/her information or not.

Business Perspective

Mainly, this platform is used by the businesses to build up its brand and its brand equity. For instance, Coca-Cola has 91 millions likes on Facebook page and 746,000 followers on Instagram. Here is the difference between same postings of ad in two platforms.

on Facebook, this ad got 3751 likes, 359 shares and 79 comments. Here is the same advertisement on Instagram.

In this ad, there are over 35k likes and 376 comments. So it is also a great platform to build up brand. Even though there are fewer users but there are more active users on Instagram than Facebook. On Instagram, hash tag feature worth a lot. Every company has their own hash tag line to promote their brand.

For this particular ad, even though coca-cola has over 90 millions like on Facebook but still it did not boost up the ad for cola. While on Instagram, people had paid more attention to that common ad. So for businesses, as per me, Instagram is better than Facebook.

Arranging Events

Facebook is more advanced in arranging events of any company or advertising campaign because it has the option for arranging and inviting people on the Facebook and this post of event also collapse after it is passed away. But Instagram still, after lots of updations, does not have any event organizer feature.

Company’s campaigns

Both social Medias are also very famous for starting campaigns. Instagram has its own power of hash tag. They can use hash tag feature to promote the brand but Facebook, it has power of Share feature. One Share on Facebook can be seen by a lot of people and that’s how a chain is built up which promotes the campaign.

Overall, both are best ways to build up the brand but depends upon what type of ad one wants to choose ad which type of audience to whom one wants to target.

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