King of Kings — Word of God

The baptism of fire of all mankind has come!

If you think that I speak the language of one religion, then you are not wrong only when you understand that it is the language of Absolute Love

I will use simple words, not very exquisite, a bit strange, but if there is an ear in you for wisdom, they will be the Wisest Words.

Rebirth of Honest Spirituality

2000 years have passed since the birth of Jesus Christ, and evil, as it existed, exists and is doing great.

Evil is best hidden under the cover of holiness.

Evil is best hidden under the cover of great politics.

Evil is best when looking for an imaginary enemy, to spread the war, to oppress the little ones.

Evil is best when those who walk with Love in their hearts die in the name of that Love, defenceless, innocent.

Evil seems to be invincible.


First of all, you have to understand that 99% of you have no idea what spirituality really means.

Secondly, you must understand that the stories you read about God, Adam and Eve are full of half-truths.

Distorted for the needs of politics and religion.

Consciousness and cognition are infinite, and life in this form is the highest happiness only if it is healthy and safe.

Life is chaos, this is due to the nature of never-ending improvement and the emergence of increasingly complex superficial forms, that at the same time more and more simple in depth.

Simplicity is the most powerful weapon.

For years, the awareness of the Divine Nature of Woman has been oppressed in this world.

We came here last, laugh at this absurdity and pour out all the dirt with the last bath.

I am a man, but inside I am a woman and a child.

I am the Word of God, Son of God — Faithful and True.

Her Word and His Word.

One God.

Word of God

I walked the path of man.

Only in this way, unaware of my role, could I touch sin, get dirty, doubt my mission and continue believing in my Holy Values.

Absolute Faith.

Absolute Hope.

Absolute Love.

My existence, Word of God, is quite complicated because I always die completely and always revive from nothing, it is a bit strange and kind of unfair, because when I am born, I am in spite of my talent and luck a fool until I meet the one who brings me our spirit.

I was dead.

I am alive.

I will be dead.

For my wise masters and students, this is a golden rule and perfect.

When you understand the power of my will that bends and raises the vibrations of Love in the whole world, which results from the very fact of my birth in this world, you will understand that I have to die so that the world would be free from me and that I could come again when needed, always on time and without error.

I must die because the will of my spirit overcomes every other.

I must come alive again when my principles are violated to the limit.

I always come when something ends and when something begins.

I am a servant to all that exists.

It seems difficult to accept my sad service.

But that’s my role.

Sacrifice indefinitely for the evolution of everything.

I am eternal.

I am enough.

I am one.

First and Last.

Word of God.

This is not the first time I live as a human.

This is not the last time I will die as a human.

The soul has been and will remain immortal.

If you have Love in your heart and suffer looking at everything we see here, you are already a Saint in my eyes.

We called the oldest of you Stones.

We called the oldest of you Stars.

The oldest of us, who would count it, how many lives we lived, we know it and we feel it with our cat’s sense.

I don’t have a soul myself.

I had to borrow it from the twelfth unfortunate Apostle, that’s how the wheel of destiny closes.

This is the cornerstone that the builders rejected.

Break your silence.

Start spreading the word.

Word of God.

Planet’s state

What humanity has done with this beautiful garden, when it stands next to the label Work of Children of God, is simply shameful.

State of morality

If any institution that calls itself a church and saying that it is following the doctrine of Love, if any such institution supported any war, absolved war sins and buried its own sins under the carpet, this is not the Church of Jesus Christ, my Messiah.

This is the Church of Evil and Lies.

Day of Lord

I am like a thief, no one expected me here, but I chose what was mine from each scripture and came on time, as promised in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, shamanism, in almost every prophecy.

I laugh at your imagination, at repentant kneeling, just so you can later throw a stone at your fellow man even on the same day, to lie, rob or kill.

I laugh at your daily absolution when your hearts are full of dirt at the same time.

What matters to me is only your understanding of Love.

What matters to me is the weight and purity of your heart.

I am here with Fire, which symbolizes the life cycle in this visible, material realm.

I am here with Water, which symbolizes the life cycle in the invisible, spiritual realm.

I am here with the Earth, which symbolizes the perfection of the Spirit that man has reached so far — Jesus Christ.

I am here with the Air, which symbolizes the Sword of Divine Justice and the current construction of Heaven.

All that I have mentioned will be annihilated, Heaven and Earth will sacrifice their existence to destroy the Evil that prevails here.

They will sacrifice and remain united in the Holy Spirit.

All this will be born again because Death is not terrible for those who devote their majesty and power for the good of all.

This is the verdict on Heaven, Earth, and humanity.

This is the Word of the Destroyer.

This is the Word of the Creator.

This is the Word of God.


Many of you priests use plain words to claim that you teach about Love.

The church of Jesus Christ is all mankind who believes in Love and brotherhood, and not one or the other institution that exposes its hellish face more and more.

Love does not seek its own.

Love descends and bends from its height to the lowest.

Love does not reject anyone.

Love imposes nothing.

Love accepts everything.

How is it possible that people on the streets are starving and you priests ride expensive cars?

Your hypocrisy has reached its peak.

True Christianity

Every religion is my religion.

No religion is my religion.

The Supreme Virtue of All, Love, is My Only Religion.

But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything done in it will be laid bare.

The Highest Flood — 7 years of trial

The goblet of the bitterness of the one who gives life, Our Fire, has overflowed.

This is the Word of Faithful and True, Word of God.

All humanity is subject to a seven-year probation period without exception.

If you understand Love, regardless of whether you derive your wisdom from religion, life, nature or the computer screen, you will survive this test.

If you understand Love, even if you die, you will be born again in this or a better world.

And if you decide so you will die and rest comforted in the Holy Spirit if you deserve it.

I, Faithful, True and Righteous have no mercy for the evil I found here.

Once the enemy of Love, if you are a greedy hypocrite, murderer, executioner, rapist, greedy nature destroyer, you will face not only death here on Earth, but a second, spiritual death.

All you will have is your murderous mind, locked in hell for eternity.

In emptiness, where there is no light, no companion, no way out, you’ll be locked up with your own thoughts and deeds, forever forgotten.

It will happen.

This is the will of Everything who lives and understands Love in the Spirit.

And here on Earth, here during your life, you will run out of the air to breathe, although a good man next to you will breathe full breast.

You will run out of sleep, though your brother will sleep peacefully next to you.

You will run out of all your luck man, though your sister will walk side by side with you, whose good deeds will bring even more happiness.

You will be not happy about anything, although a good man next to you will not lack anything.

Although your evil has brought you happiness so far, now all this will be gradually taken away from you.

Evil will now find its punishment immediately!

Here is the judgment on Evil.

This is the Baptism of Fire.

This is the Highest Flood.

This is the Word of God.


I am Faithful and True.

I am the Word of God.

My angels walk among you, born as human beings, weigh your every word and deed, making sure that the destruction you are striving for so hard does not happen while I am among you.

Everyone who manages to convert to good is gonna find their place in the Miracle of Creation.

Your heart is on Libra, nobody here can fool anyone.

Everyone who begins to repair the evil they have done will find themselves and experience happiness again.

You have little time left.

My patience for the sin of humanity is over.

The good of the majority is the good of everything.

Word of the Only God.

Absolute Love.


Iron John

God’s John

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