[This is an extended transcript of Harmony’s talks at Ethereum Denver and Miami Blockchain Week in Q1 2021.]

Hello, everyone. My name is Stephen, the founder of Harmony. Our team has been building a scalable blockchain for three years. Today I’d like to share our journey and look ahead of this fintech revolution. How to scale Ethereum applications with low fees in 2021? Why now for financial applications with cross-chain assets?

My research background is security protocols and formal verification. Our team of 15 has extensive background at Google, Apple, Amazon and Harvard as infrastructure builders. …

In 2021 Harmony strives to be a top blockchain for cross-chain finance. Our main themes are:

  1. Adoption — We are bringing utility to users through developers and partners. Hackathons with Gitcoin and workshops at Ethereum events will boost our reach.
  2. Interoperability — We are bridging with Bitcoin and Ethereum for broader assets. Our cross-shard and cross-chain transactions will enable new finance applications.
  3. Decentralization — We are growing our validator community and network features. External voting power and resharding will guarantee our long-term governance.

How to scale Ethereum applications in 2021? Harmony is a sharding protocol with a trustless Ethereum bridge…

Harmony in 2021 will focus on adoption through developers and partners. We will continue to strengthen our network features, to lead industry in our cross-chain architecture, and to engage broad ecosystem to build with us. There will be explosive growth and new applications this year in blockchains — Harmony is ready to be leading a part of this global fintech revolution.

Harmony is a fast, cheap and secure settlement layer. Now we are bridging with Bitcoin and Ethereum to extend our use cases. Ethereum developers can easily scale their applications with Harmony to enjoy our 2-second finality and cheap fees…

Harmony ONEs,

We are writing to seek feedback on our roadmap on cross-chain and cross-exchange initiatives.

In short, we are building trustless bridges to Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cosmos for broader access of users and assets to decentralized finance. Our consumer product is a cross-chain exchange without custodial risks. Later we will be putting centralized exchanges’ order books on chain for cross-exchange arbitrage and fiat cash-flow management.

Below we review our 2020 milestones before diving into the two broad products we are building. We conclude with our progress on decentralization and some notable reference on the current fintech revolution.

Prototypes of Ethereum bridge and cross-chain Uniswap v2 on Harmony Network

Milestones of Open Staking & DeFi

Since Harmony…

In August, we continue to execute our roadmap, building the foundations for cross-border finance accessible to millions:

  • 📈 Launched ONE on Binance.US with USD fiat, USDT & BUSD pairs
  • 💎 Built Maker/Curve/Balancer/Yearn demos on mainnet
  • 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 Supported 7 $25k grants on wallets, bridges & cross-border remittances
  • 🔂 Integrating Chainlink oracle for cross-chain DeFi liquidity

🚀 Binance.US Listing

We launched on Binance.US, one of the most respected and regulatory compliant exchanges. ONE can now be purchased with US Dollars and available to US citizens. Getting listed on Binance.US is an important step in fulfilling our cross-border finance goals.

Sending money to a relative is…

Much faster finality — download and stake with Harmony ONE Wallet!

Before we unpack July’s progress, let us review the goals Harmony set out in January. Our goals in 2020 are cross-border utility and decentralized development. What did we do in July that got us closer to accomplishing our 2020 goals?

🇮🇩 Partnered for Indonesia Stablecoin

We announced a partnership with Rupiah Token, a non-US stablecoin representing the Indonesian Rupiah with one-for-one custodial backing. …

Ethereum 2 Roadmap, Buterin’s Open Problems and Findora’s Auditable Privacy are great models for bringing the best research results — via our $7M grants — to Harmony Mainnet.

Harmony’s Guest Lecture at Tsinghua’s Yau Mathematical Sciences Center

At the invitation of Tsinghua Professor Kevin Xiaokang Mo (Stanford PhD, Distinguished Research Professor on Advanced Cryptography and Blockchain), Harmony Founder Stephen Tse is giving a guest lecture “Scaling Cryptography in Blockchain”:

Pacific Time: 2020/07/29 (Wednesday) 10:30pm
Beijing Time: 2020/07/30 (Thursday) 1:30pm

Study notes: https://harmony.one/eth3

Lecture Abstract

Ready for Ethereum 3.0? In this talk, Stephen Tse covers cryptography already in use on blockchain mainnets such as Ethereum, ZCash and Harmony. Highlights include non-custodial exchanges with zero-knowledge rollups, stateless clients with a logarithmic number of headers, and cross-chain composability for decentralized finance. …

Race Capital predicts coming decacorn $10B startups as fintech infrastructures & unbundling of banks. (Image Credit: Chris McCann)

Harmony Grants are to drive our platform’s mainnet utility 🔧, decentralized community 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦, and cryptographic innovations ⚡ — aligned with our 2021 roadmap on cross-border finance 💸 and auditable privacy 🛡️.

Harmony Foundation allocates 154.2M tokens per month for protocol and ecosystem development.

Your grant and project are fully transparent to everyone. Details of all grants such as application materials, funding amounts, community discussions, governor decisions and wallet addresses are publicly available at harmony.one/open-grants.

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.

Albert Einstein

Beyond Staking — evolution to a fintech company

The pace of change in blockchain can leave you breathless at times. June saw the emergence of new DeFi darlings $COMP and $BAL and a surge in the value of USD locked in protocols as yield farming became the hot topic of the day. There are currently $1.62bn dollars locked in DeFi, up from $1bn as recently as…

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo…

By AppleThink Different: “Here’s to the crazy ones.”

(Here’s to the “Radical Ones”… for radical social change.)

Introducing Harmony Angels 😇 — our Radically Decentralized Community 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 with 250k ONE rewards per week autonomously.

How? Openly associate yourself with Harmony on Twitter, retweet our #pow project progress with craft, meaning and impact.

Influence or change can never be achieved through…

Stephen Tse

https://harmony.one, Open Consensus for 10B. To scale trust for billions of people and create a radically fair economy. https://twitter.com/stse

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