Harmony & Healing

We are a streaming live music charity providing live musical visits to patients, families & loved ones in hospitals & rehab. Schedule a visit today.

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Harmony & Healing artists use Zoom to deliver professional live musical performances for patients and their loved ones wherever they may be in the world!

Harmony & Healing performances lift spirits and take patients’ and their caretakers minds off their challenges with music.

Anyone who is invited, anywhere in the world can share in a Harmony & Healing “Virtual Visit”. We can even provide a recording of the event for posterity.

Harmony & Healing is not formal “music therapy”, but rather a soulful, connective journey into the most pleasant memories and associations of patient’s lives. Music lowers stress levels, brings about positive associations, speeds healing, and brings happiness to patient’s lives and the lives of their loved ones.

If you have a loved one or friend in need, schedule a Harmony & Healing Musical Zoom Visit today!

Harmony & Healing
11040 Bollinger Canyon Road Suite E-938 San Ramon, CA 94582
(925) 236–0217




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