Climate Story

Nature’s view of the Earth we, the human species, inhibit. Here is its story as told by the Earth.

Created by Kenton Hauber and Harmony Karimi

My name is Nature, though some call me Mother. For billions of years I have let animals grow upon my lands, in my oceans, and in my forests. Some creatures have learned to live symbiotically within their environment, and I have allowed them to thrive. Yet others, others, look to taint my lands with their destructive grasp. Tipping me off balance with each generation multiplying and exploiting me, blackening the once pure oceans with their oily touch, this is something that I will not allow. For I have thrived for billions of years without the feel of humanity upon my lands, and I will thrive for a billion more after you are gone. For nature does not need you, but you need nature.

Downtown Santa Barbara (left) late 1890’s and (right) 2016

I am the Mountains. I have watched over the growth of this world with an ever caring eye. Supporting those who wished for my care with a solid stance. Looking over the rise and fall as society after society have looked to claim my peaks. Yet as of late, I have seen a much more troubling horizon. My peaks, covered in the blanket of a new snow, have melted away, leaving me bare to the elements. My once beautiful surfaces turned to a dried rock, devoid of the life that once inhabited it. I worry that this emptiness will soon rush down my peaks and towards the earth that surrounds me, and what this will mean to those that live there.

Botanical Gardens Santa Barbara 1950

I am the Foliage. My trees and plants cover this Earth like the hair of the animals that I protect in my tall trunks. For millions of years I have given my wood to the creatures that inhabit this planet, helping them to grow stronger and higher than ever before. And yet, these past few years, some creatures have come to treat my gift to them with less and less respect. These humans have taken my wish of growing stronger and perverted it, moving it beyond a sense of reason all for the sense of progress. Only taking and never giving back my generous gift. I worry not for myself and my forests, but for the well-being of these foolish creatures. For it is not just the gift of wood that I give so willingly, but the gift of the air they breathe as well.

Santa Barbara Botanical Garden 2016

I am the Ocean. For millions of years i have shaped this earth into what it is today. Slowly bringing life to all of the creatures on both land and in my waters. Because not a living thing on this planet can survive without the kindness of my hand. Yet the creatures of this Earth have not treated me with the same respect as I did when giving them life. They have tainted my waters, killing thousands upon millions of their brethren with these poisons. In the short time that humans have waded through my waves, they have brought destruction to all that they touch. Yet I am not worried, for I have flooded this world to rid it of a plague, I can flood it again.

Santa Barbara Farmlands 2013

I am the Earth. My soil covers this Earth like a nurturing skin, allowing the creatures of this world to grow and thrive off of my benevolence. For billions of years there was harmony amongst the creatures and myself, with each of us adapting to suit the needs of each other. Yet this symbiosis has slowly degraded thanks to the hand of humanity. They cover my precious soil with their black tars, polluting what was once green, lush earth with their views of ‘progress’. Do they not realize the catastrophe that is upon them? Each day their species grows, slowly taking more than even my gift can give them. Soon I will no longer be able to save them from themselves. What will they do then?

Construction Work on Route to the Mountains