The Bullish Case for Idea Markets: A Strategic Plan to 100 million investors by 2020

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“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” —Socrates

To decentralize narrative credibility, idea markets mimic the incentive shift used by bitcoin to decentralize finance. Like bitcoin, Idea markets will succeed not through “fighting” existing institutions directly, but by creating an unstoppable superior alternative that demands cooperation:

Decentralizing Finance

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Decentralizing Credibility

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Strategy—”If we build it, they will come”

  1. Create a new standard of credibility. Suppressed ideological groups represent their points of view and address their concerns in good faith, and join together to create a new global standard for narrative credibility.

Tactic 1—Reach the most passionate users first

Reach activist influencers and platforms to give suppressed viewpoints an unstoppable voice. Invite them to use ideamarkets.org to be heard.




Tactic 2—Show your audience good faith

Revolutionary publications: Pledge a recurring purchase of your own token to signal your dedication to earning trust long-term. We’ll display a leaderboard of publications doing who are doing this, and their pledge amounts and frequency.

Tactic 3— Boycott corporate media

Boycott the tokens of corporate media publications. By standing together and refusing to financially benefit from our oppression, we make a strong statement that public trust will no longer be demanded — it must be earned. Together, we will publicly embarrass corporate media until they earn our trust.

Tactic 4—Channel frustration into freedom

When you feel frustrated or outraged and want to take action against a corporate media outlet, put $5 into a superior alternative on ideamarkets.org to bring us that much closer to our future in a world that seeks truth together.

How it will play out

As idea markets grows in influence, corporate media has four main responses, all of which support the goal of global media reform:

1. Corporate media ignores idea markets

Idea markets will grow and seize mindshare without resistance. Eventually, corporate media will feel the effects in their wallets.

2. Corporate media fights idea markets

When corporate media fights idea markets, idea markets will grow as a result of the increased attention and awareness. Corporate media attention will further legitimize its own replacement as arbiter of legitimacy.

3. Corporate media manipulates idea markets

Corporations will likely use their war chests to artificially inflate their credibility on idea markets. The millions they invest will earn interest for other idea markets token holders, making publication tokens a more attractive investment opportunity for everyone. As new investors scrutinize the competing viewpoints and find corporate outlets overvalued, they will invest elsewhere and inspire others to do the same.

When corporate manipulators become unable to maintain an inflated market cap due to the abundance of more compelling viewpoints, they will face a choice: lose money as their followers sell tokens, or sell their own tokens.

  1. If they allow their followers to sell, they lose money as their tokens depreciate in value.

4. Corporate media participates in idea markets

There is a third choice — participate.

The most profitable action for a manipulator is to earn the public’s trust in order to maintain the value of the tokens they had initially bought in order to inflate their credibility.

Remember: Success is inevitable.

Idea markets are structured in a way that success is inevitable — the public cannot lose. The success of idea markets does not depend on what media corporations do, but on what we do. With narrative power resting with the public for the first time, even government is unable to force its will. If they fight us on legal grounds, we have the platform to change the conversation and make the will of the public irrepressible. We are enabled to know the true degree of our strength and unity, our ability we to make demands of our representatives. We now take back our civic power, our collective sovereignty over our future.

Our goal is to have 100 million investors by US Election Day 2020. We have until that date to make America a truly informed electorate.


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Founder at ideamarkets.org — Switched to personal newsletter at mikeelias.com

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