Love Someone’s Smile? Nurture it :)

Blooming, twinkling and bright is your smile,
Innocent, young, child-like;
Living up to the Christmas season, 
Worth celebrating is your smile;
It lights up my world for no reason,
Makes me love you even more;
Its charm is like decoration,
On a beaming beautiful soul;
You should take pride in owning this,
Rare in the world wealth;
But you love passing it on to others,
Raising its value many folds;
It can’t be captured to justice,
By a painter or photographer;
It is just in the moment that,
Look of yours is squandered;
Sad I am that your beauty is lost,
My love for you just wanders;
Such a pity that I forget,
Your smile is to be nurtured;
Zap comes a joke from me,
Or a funny act;
I tell you how beautiful you are,
And get your beautiful smile back!
- Priyanka Harne