What did they say to you?

They say I am free, it is hard to see;

they say I am worthy, it is hard to believe;

they say do your best, where are they at my worst;

they say let’s rejoice, but they don’t give me that choice;

they say you are lost, and you have to come back at any cost;

they say you are weak, help is something you should seek;

they say I am there, but I see them nowhere;

they say I am wrong, even if they are not right;

they say don’t fight for your goal, it is a long tiring journey;

they say it is them, who I need to proceed;

they say alone I am not enough;

I say let me stand, I don’t need your support;

I say let me shiver, because I will shiver but not wither;

I say there is more of me than you see;

I say let me be, and look inside me;

I will search myself and find the real me;

I will fall but not fear, I will accomplish but not mere;

I am now not at your pity, because I live my way and it is my LIBERTY!

- Priyanka Harne